July 10 Action Strategy Discussion

Share ideas for things Mobilizers can do on 6.26 (or in preparation for it.)

You can share ideas you have tried, are thinking about doing, or think are good ideas for someone else to try. 

There are no bad ideas in brainstorming!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Occupy a Politician's Office

John Woodland of 350 Missoula has joined two June 26 organizing calls and has described an awesome-sounding action they did occupying their Senator's office. It involved arrests. I think it could be awesome if Mobilizers occupied a senator or congressperson's office to demand a Climate Mobilization (and that they sign the Pledge to Mobilize).

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Guerilla Advertising

What if we made posters and utilized strategies like this (Check out the video)  to get them a lot of eyes?

We could do this in the run-up to 6.26... a poster campaign about the climate crisis and the need for a WWII scale climate mobilization,. If we got keys and people willing to put up the posters in different cities... It would be like a guerrilla Public Service Announcement

(There would be some legal risks involved here we should look into.) 


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