About Mobilization

What is Mobilization?

Mobilization is an emergency restructuring of a modern industrial economy, typically in order to fight a war. It unfolds very quickly and involves all citizens and impacts all areas of society.

It is a nothing less than a government- coordinated social and industrial revolution.


Elements of a WWII-Scale Climate Mobilization:



There is a Hidden Consensus that we Need Mobilization!



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  • commented 2016-12-03 11:29:41 -0500
    Or in the case of the first button, the red diagonal slash across, making the intl NO symbol over the FF.
  • commented 2016-12-03 11:27:46 -0500
    These would make great buttons, with the text floating within the circle.
  • commented 2016-07-11 22:06:59 -0400
    Be strong. Be positive. Be resilient. Speak CLIMATE TRUTH
  • commented 2016-06-18 16:43:46 -0400
    Where are all the women activists? We need to see Naomi Klein, Susan Surandon, Winona La Duke, Linda Parker, Jill Stein of the Green Party, Daniela Gioseffi Eco-Feminist for over 40 yrs. This looks like an ole boy circuit, though they are all good leaders, but we need women’s faces up here, and INDIGINOUS PEOPLE leaders and Bill McKibben especially. This Climate Mobilization is a GREAT & NEEDED idea, but when we come to this page, we need women who have been in the lead, also! And we need to join WITH The Peoples Climate Movement, 350.org, GreenPeace, NRDC, Earth Justice, Friends of the Earth, The Union of Concerned Scientists, etc. This needs to be a giant COALITION of ALL Environmental orgs. and social justice orgs. like Black Lives Matter, because CLIMATE CRISIS IS AN EMERGENCY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER for ALL LIFE and there’s. NOT A MINUTE TO WASTE. I was happy to see this initiative, because climate crisis is on my mind every minute of the day!
  • commented 2016-01-20 08:47:51 -0500
    Chris and Jack- did you receive and email that a new page was up on this site? It’s still under construction for now . They will be clickable, but nothing fancy for the time being.
  • commented 2016-01-20 02:25:04 -0500
    Now, are those circle graphics going to be clickable icons that lead to “here’s-what-we-must-do” action pages?
  • commented 2016-01-19 22:55:45 -0500
    The themes and the graphics are both excellent and sum up the major parts of the clean energy mobilization that we need.