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The best way to think about The Climate Mobilization is not as an organization but rather as a project, or perhaps a mission.

Our mission is to protect civilization and the natural world. We are “all in for all life.”

Our project is building and supporting a social movement that causes the US federal government to commence WWII-scale climate mobilization as soon as possible.

So rather than “members” we have Mobilizers — people who are dedicating themselves daily — to making mobilization a reality. Indeed, The Climate Mobilization is powered almost exclusively by volunteers, many of them full time!

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The Climate Mobilization was founded and is directed by Margaret Klein Salamon. She makes decisions about strategy, branding, resource distribution and other operations by consulting advisors and teammates — especially those who have helped The Climate Mobilization grow in power and capacity.

The decision-making criteria is always the same: “What will best build power behind climate truth: the fact that we need a WWII-scale climate mobilization?” In other words, “How can we, as a group of dedicated mobilizers, most effectively use our time and energies in this grave hour?” This includes taking on many different kinds of projects, from producing papers like The Victory Plan and Leading the Public into Emergency Mode, grassroots organizing for the Pledge to Mobilize, and doing outreach to leaders in all sectors.


Margaret delegates large amounts of responsibility to leaders in the organization, including Ezra Silk, Nicole Harris and Ashik Siddique. Local chapter leaders and organizers also have autonomy to spread the mobilization message in a way that works for them.

If you would like to take on a position of leadership and responsibility in The Climate Mobilization — and we hope that you do — the way to go about it is to get started working on this project! Organize your community. If you want to volunteer for central operations, fill out this form and we will start channeling tasks your way. 

Another great way to support us is financially. Become a Mobilizer-Backer today!




We are incorporated as a non-profit and operate as a 501(c)(4). Our board of directors consists of our four co-founders, Margaret Klein Salamon, Ezra Silk, Ryan Brill, and Ashik Siddique. Our bylaws are available here and tax forms are here.

The Climate Mobilization Project is our 501(c)(3) affiliate; its website should be up soon!


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  • commented 2016-12-30 09:56:01 -0500
    I dont think the Democratic party is going to save us or has the capability of doing so. Both parties have been corrupted, as James Hansen has stated clearly. We either need a third party or a Union of Intelligent Independent Voters (UIIV). Until we have a party that pledges to work in the best interest of the people, and not the rich and the corporations, nothing will change. The status quo, either Republican or Democrat, is no longer acceptable.
  • commented 2016-09-12 02:33:03 -0400
    Does the Climate Mobilization have a speakers bureau? If not, please consider that as a very effective method of spreading this inspiring call to action.