About Us

Our mission: to protect civilization and the natural world

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The climate crisis is causing immense human suffering and damage to the natural world. It threatens to destroy civilization and kill billions of people. Overcoming the climate emergency is the great moral imperative of our time. 

At TCM, we don't bullshit: climate change is an emergency, and we don't have until 2050 to get to net zero GHG emissions. Half-solutions like carbon taxes may have made sense a couple of decades ago, but we're far past that point now. What we need instead is a just WWII-scale mobilization that restores a safe climate, by reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions within a decade and beginning a massive effort to remove excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, rebuilds our democracy, and guarantees good jobs, healthcare, and dignity for all.

We are organizing with others to spread the truth of the climate crisis and build the power necessary to start the climate mobilization.

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We're a 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Our board of directors is undergoing a reorganization as we grow, but it currently consists of our four co-founders, Margaret Klein Salamon, Ezra Silk, Ryan Brill, and Ashik Siddique. Our bylaws are available here and tax forms are here.

The Climate Mobilization Project is our 501(c)(3) affiliate; its website should be up soon!