Updates: Announcing National Climate Mobilization Day & International Pledge!

Allies, The Climate Mobilization is bursting with activity! Our wallet, however, is decidedly not bursting. And so we're having a fundraiser.

But first, an update.

We are growing every day — including internationally. We recently launched an International version of the Pledge, so that signers all over the world can Mobilize — tell your non-American friends!

We are beginning to put pressure on political leaders. Following some vigorous outreach from Mobilizer Derek Casady, California Governor Jerry Brown publicly compared climate change to WWII, calling for public sector mobilization and Rooseveltian leadership! Coincidence? Or is the power of our platform and of our Mobilizers beginning to transform national climate politics?

Mobilizers have also delivered the Pledge into the hands of Al Gore, Senator Angus King (I - ME), and Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, the champion of the successful fight for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle. Former California Congressman Jim Bates signed the Pledge to Mobilize last week. Hopefully, it won’t be long before national political candidates have Pledged to Mobilize and are fiercely advocating for mobilization on the campaign trail!

Paul_Revere_Poster.jpgPerhaps most importantly: On June 14th, we are taking The Climate Mobilization to the next level with the first ever National Climate Mobilization Day. So far, we have major events planned in New York City, Portland, Maine, and San Diego — where former Congressman Jim Bates will recreate Paul Revere’s Ride, riding his steed through the streets and warning that climate change is coming and we must mobilize!

We hope that everyone will host events, whether large or small on June 14th, at your homes, a public square, a local library, or anywhere else in your community. That means YOU! Check out the Action Pages to get thinking about what you might do! When you know, post the details on our Mobilization Day Calendar so everyone can see!

Also, please consider donating! Unfortunately, we do not have enough money right now to help people cover the costs of their National Climate Mobilization Day events. If we want to really mobilize America (and the world), it’s going to take some money. Your donation will give National Climate Mobilization day a boost, helping us cover the cost of T-shirts, posters and banners as well as administrative expenses associated with running our website, creating materials and other operations. 

If you can’t give money, consider becoming a fundraiser and joining the other Mobilizers who have made profiles to raise funds. To get started making your profile, go to our fundraising page on Classy and click the “become a fundraiser” button. Then upload pictures, write a personal description, set a fundraising goal, and then mobilize your network, asking for their support.

We have so many opportunities to help protect civilization from climate catastrophe!

We hope you choose one, and join us!

Sincere thanks,
Margaret Klein Salamon, Ezra Silk, and the whole TCM team

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