Analysis of COP 21

The Paris climate talks are over, and the postmortems on the final agreement are flooding in. Here’s our take:   Continue reading

Climate Leaders to Obama: It's Time to Champion Zero Emissions at Paris Talks, and World War II-Scale Mobilization for America

 Climate Leaders to Obama: It's Time to Champion Zero Emissions Goal at Paris Talks President’s climate legacy hinges on launching emergency World War II-scale Climate Mobilization for net zero U.S. emissions by 2025.   As President Barack Obama witnessed the dramatic effects of climate chaos in Alaska today, a distinguished group of scientists and environmental, faith, civic and cultural leaders challenged him to champion a courageous U.S. goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 at the upcoming climate talks in Paris. The challenge, issued in the form of an open letter, describes the current U.S. target of 26-28% emissions reductions by 2025 as a “weak” goal “that cannot be described as honest, courageous, or responsible in the face of a crisis that threatens the continued existence of humanity.” The letter also calls on the Obama administration to abandon its “all-of-the-above” energy policy. Continue reading

America's Zero Emissions Imperative

[Article published on EcoWatch and Huffington Post, by Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. of the Hip Hop Caucus and Tom Weis of Ride for Renewables and Climate Crisis Solutions.] Last fall, we wrote an article explaining why zero has become the most important number for humanity. Since that time, zero emissions has been embraced as an idea that’s time has come bynearly 120 countries, leading European companies, high-profile CEOs, two Pontifical Academies, climate visionaries like Al Gore, mainstream media outlets and, if you can believe it, even the leaders of the G7. We now address the critical issue of timelines. Continue reading

Citizens Across U.S, Joined by International Allies, Rally for WWII-Scale Climate Mobilization

National Press Release: Citizens Across United States, Joined by International Allies, Demand World War II-Scale Climate Mobilization “Mobilizers” call on elected leaders to immediately commence a national mobilization in response to the climate crisis on the scale of the American home-front mobilization during World War II, to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2025.   Continue reading