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Introduction to The Climate Mobilization

01.05.16 Introduction to The Climate Mobilization The Climate Mobilization Director, Margaret Klein Salamon, and Deputy Director, Ezra Silk, introduce themselves, and explain The Climate Mobilization's origins, values, strategy, and how new people can get Mobilized! This call provides a good overview for people new to TCM, and some interesting context and discussion for those who are already Mobilized. 66 minutes.

09.07.16 TCM-350 Call Margaret Klein Salamon and Ezra Silk explain the Climate Mobilization movement and the Victory Plan draft to local leaders of chapters from across the United States.

Mobilization Meetings

10.11.16 Active Mobilizer Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

09.13.16 Active Mobilizer Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

09.06.16 New Mobilizer Call New Mobilizers learn about TCM and organizing for a safe and stable climate!

08.30.16 Active Mobilizer Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

08.16.16 Active Mobilizer Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

08.09.16 New Mobilizer Call New Mobilizers learn about TCM and organizing for a safe and stable climate!

08.02.16 Active Mobilizer Call Nicole covers power structure analysis and coalitions. Presentation is here.

07.31.16 Financial Supporters Call Financial supporters phone in to get updates, make comments and offer suggestions.

07.26.16 New Mobilizer Call New Mobilizers learn about TCM and organizing for a safe and stable climate!

07.19.16 Campaign Unveiling Call TCM unveils its new campaign to unite the climate movement behind emergency mobilization.

07.12.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on July 10th events.

07.05.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

06.28.16 Campaign Discussion Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

06.21.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

06.07.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

05.24.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

05.10.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

05.03.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Notes are here.

05.01.16 State of TCM Call Margaret explains the progress of TCM during April, 2016. Of particular note was Bernie Sander's comments made during the Brooklyn NY debate, where he unequivocally stated that we need a WWll scale approach to combat the climate crisis. The excellent press coverage of TCM-NYC's "Die-In" outside the United Nations (as Heads of State signed the Paris agreement inside) was also discussed and suggested as a model that had the potential to be adopted and adapted nationwide. 

04.26.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts. Margaret and Nicole report back on the successes and trials of the Die-in at the UN.

04.19.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

04.12.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

04.03.16 State of TCM Call Margaret introduces the “Mobilize Yourself, Step by Step” system, which guides people through increasing their engagement. Also discussed-- the exciting candidates who have recently signed the Pledge to Mobilize. 7.10 Events were also discussed.

03.29.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

03.22.16 Report Back Call Mobilizers across the country report back on their efforts.

03.06.16 State of TCM Call Margaret explains the progress of TCM during March, 2016. Gains were consolidated after the Climate Emergency Caucus at the end of January, and we have been focusing on ways for TCM to scale-up despite our limited full time staff. We are developing a semi-automated way of on-boarding people interested in volunteering or organizing for us. They will go through a “ladder of engagement” that increases challenge and responsibility with each level.  Ezra described the progress of the 6.26 Day of Action. More than 40 people are interested and 15 have committed to hosting events, and we will continue to recruit event hosts heavily through March.  Updates of recent partnerships are also discussed.

03.02.16 Active Organizer Call & 6.26 Organizers share what they have been working on in general and especially in terms of 6.26 National Mobilization Day. Very exciting developments all over the country and lots of great ideas shared.

02.23.16 New Organizer Call Ezra Silk spoke with new TCM organizers from Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Washington, D.C., and Florida about a number of ways to get started organizing for June 26, as well as ideas about actions to hold on June 26.

02.17.16 Intro Call on June 26 National Day of Action With about 20 enthusiastic people on hand from across the country, Margaret & Ezra give an overview of the June 26 day of action - including the goals and potential actions. If you are interested in participating in the 2nd national day of action for Climate Mobilization, this is the place to start.

02.07.16 State of TCM Call  Margaret discusses the exciting recent development in The Climate Mobilization, including the addition of many talented, dedicated mobilizers, as well as the great outcomes Climate Emergency Caucus. The importance of creating a local group with regular meetings is emphasized. Plans for next steps are discussed briefly.

02.03.16 Lead Organizer Call  Margaret gives an update of how the Emergency Climate Caucus went, and other top organizers debrief their recent activities. Brainstorming of how to build on TCM's success and what kinds of efforts we need organizers to work on are discussed.

01.13.16 Mobilization Meeting In this call for new TCM organizers, Ezra explained that the Pledge is designed to shock people out of complacency, denial and apathy, give them a realistic sense of hope, and facilitate the building of a mass movement calling for Climate Mobilization. He explained the great organizing work going on in Southern California and Missouri, and asked the approximately 10 callers to describe how they can envision organizing for TCM. Toward the beginning, Cathy Bell, of St. Louis, powerfully described why TCM is the only group that she views as calling for action on the scale and with the speed necessary to protect young people.

Correction: Call for New-Organizers will be held WEDNESDAY 1/13 8:00 PM ET Margaret misidentified this in State of the Mobilization call as occurring on Tuesday 1/12. Apologies for the confusion.

01.10.16 Mobilization Meeting Margaret Klein Salamon briefed the callers on The Climate Mobilization's progress, as well as its origins and values. Focuses included: The upcoming Climate Emergency Caucus in Iowa and rallies/ civil disobedience events targeting congress that are being planned for June. Questions were taken from callers including, “How can we possibly accomplish such lofty goals!”

11.19.15 Mobilization Meeting TCM's organizing team discuss the call script for the Mobilize Congress state calling effort on this call. Ezra Silk gave a trail run on the call script with Jack Reich as the call recipient. Cliff Cockerham, Chris Young, and Jack also gave pointers on how to give great phone calls. Definitely worth a listen if you are making calls for TCM!

11.12.15 Mobilization Meeting We discussed how to get started on the Mobilize Congress campaign. Ezra Silk recounted his experience trying out the Community Power Structure Analysis in Maine. We also discussed how to use this technique in Massachusetts and other states. A great call to listen to if you are ready to Mobilize your Congressional District!

11.05.15 Mobilization Meeting Discussion of how to take the first step toward mobilizing your Congressional district: A community power structure analysis, which is an off-the-record interview where you talk to someone "in the know" in your community about the power brokers who make decisions and influence decision-makers. You let them know your intention - to have your next or current Congressperson sign the Pledge to Mobilize - and then let them tell you how things really work in the area.

10.15.15 Mobilization Meeting Ezra and Margaret debrief with 10 mobilizers their recruiting/ organizing/ speech delivering on 10.14, the People's Climate Movement, and consider upcoming organizing projects (Boston Bernie Sanders Issues Fair, Norcal Climate Mobilization event.)

10.11.15 Mobilization Meeting Mobilizers gather to discuss how TCM can utilize the People's Climate Movement day (week) of action coming up. All are strongly invited to get out in public at these events and invite attendees to join The Climate Mobilization. Remember, these are people who are LOOKING for a way to get involved in fighting climate change, and TCM offers them something no other group offers-- a concrete way so we, the people, can protect our climate!

9.27.15 Mobilization Meeting TCM's "Birthday" Call! Margaret Klein Salamon discusses a timeline of what TCM has accomplished for the last year.  Callers discuss their experiences, and where TCM is going. Priorities for the next months are identified as: Get the environmental movement on board with Emergency Mobilization; Recruit national politicians to take Pledge; Get TCM/ the need for mobilization into the national media, expand capacity through hiring Ezra full time.

9.24.15 Mobilization Meeting In this call Steve Drucker described her fantastic event in Davenport, Iowa that kicked off the Moral Mobilization, 'Mobilization Kickoff for WWCO2.' Steve described how she managed to pull the event together in just 4 days. Also, Ezra Silk, Kat Baumgartner, Matt McFeely, and Ethan Eynard discussed Ethan's upcoming event in Jefferson City, and Matt's previously unrecognized presence as The Moral Mobilization's mascot!

9.10.15 Mobilization Meeting On this call, we had a great brainstorming session about smaller events people can hold as part of the Moral Mobilization, as well as a new poster featuring Pope Francis as Uncle Sam!

8.30 Mobilization Meeting Margaret and Ezra give a 40 minute update on the state of the Mobilization, followed by a discussion. Topics covered include:

1) The coalescing of an "Emergency Climate Mobilization" segment of the climate movement, and how TCM projects fit into that, particularly the open letter that we are getting ready to release.

2) Ed Fallon's work in Iowa. (Support!)

3) The Moral Mobilization

8.27 Moral Mobilization Organizing Call About a dozen Mobilizers from across the country joined this call to discuss the Moral Mobilization and the idea of extending it through the Fall. We had a great talk about how to reach out to people in the religious community, how to use the Pope's encyclical as an organizing tool, and how to connect the call for a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization with the Pope's call for an "ecological conversion." What a creative & inspiring group!

8.13 Moral Mobilization Organizing Call Ezra Silk spoke with Ethan Eynard about his plans to hold a Moral Mobilization event in Jefferson City. Ethan has plans to ask Father Stephen Jones, the head of the Catholic High School in town, to participate in his event, as well as a member of the Lincoln University Agriculture & Environmental Sciences faculty. Ethan has connections to both institutions. We discussed a number of potential ways for Ethan to go about building the Moral Mobilization in Jef City.

8.09 Mobilization Meeting Ed Fallon, the head of Mobilize Iowa! joins us for the first half an hour of this call. Ed discusses how the Pledge is being received in Iowa and mobilizers brainstorm how Ed and other Iowa Mobilizers can approach candidates. For the second half of the call, the Moral Mobilization events are discussed.

8.06 Moral Mobilization Organizing Call In the second organizing call for the Moral Mobilization, coordinators Ezra Silk and Kat Baumgartner described their recent efforts to enlist politicians in the Climate Mobilization. A general discussion was had with the four potential event hosts on the call about how to hold Moral Mobilization events, what they should look like, and how to approach important people to ask them about signing the Pledge to Mobilize and enlisting in a Moral Mobilization event.

8.02 Moral Mobilization Organizing Call On this call The Moral Mobilization coordinators Ezra Silk and Kat Baumgartner described their vision for the week of action and fielded a set of excellent questions from four potential hosts across the country. If you want to get a sense of what the events will be like, and what it will take to pull them off, this is a great place to start.

7.26 Mobilization Meeting On this call the Mobilize Iowa! Fundraiser to contract with Ed Fallon to bring the Pledge to Mobilize into the political mainstream is discussed. Mobilizers are encouraged to approach people they know and ask for donations, and strategies are given for how to approach that. Our upcoming Moral Mobilization was also discussed and strategized. Ezra gave an update about Mobilizing Bernie Sanders' organizing events coming up on Wednesday.

7.12 Mobilization Meeting Two main topics are considered on this call:
1) The public Pledge signings in front of Congressional offices or civic sites that we want to plan the week after Pope Francis leaves the US.
2) The fundraiser we are planning for Ed Fallon to Mobilize Iowa.

Margaret provides fairly detailed information on each topic, so this is a good call to listen to if you need catching up!

7.02 Mobilization Meeting Mobilizers discuss Laudeto Si, Pope Francis' Encyclical. We are joined by special guests Sylvia Hood Washington, Epidemiologist, community organizer within the Catholic church, and editor of the Environmental Justice Journal, Mark Silk, scholar of religion in public life (and father of TCM deputy director Ezra Silk!), and Bhikku Bodhi, Buddhist monk and founder of Buddhist Global Relief.

6.21 Mobilization Meeting Mobilizers discuss strategy, particularly how to mobilize the primaries and expand our institutional capacity. Brainstorming yields many strong ideas.

6.14 Mobilization Meeting Event hosts report back on National Climate Mobilization Day!

6.11 Mobilization Meeting Hosts join to discuss logistics, social media strategy, the possibility of rain, and other issues.

6.07 Mobilization Meeting In the first 20 minutes Margaret lays out a medium term vision (based around the 2016 elections) and how 6.14 fits into this vision. Many issues relating to 6.14 were discussed, including press.

6.04 Mobilization Meeting Discussing publicity for the June 14th Mobilization Day.

5.30 Mobilization Meeting Discussing the logistics for the June 14th Mobilization Day.

5.17 Mobilization Meeting

5.3 Mobilization Day Planning, Part 3 Fundraising efforts for the National Day of Mobilization are discussed. Participants are encouraged to host their own events. Strategizing about how to get Bernie Sanders to sign the pledge. 

4.26 Mobilization Day Planning, part 2 Participants discuss plans for the National Day of Mobilization on June 14th.

4.19 Mobilization Day Planning Mobilizers discuss their initial plans for 6.14. Issues discussed include building coalitions with other groups, recruiting candidates, and how to build support for a large outdoor event.

4.12 Mobilizer Meeting Mobilization Action Call: Reporting Back and Action Planning. In this 2 hour call, each participant discusses the actions they have completed, and the ones they are currently planning. Inspiring and exciting to hear what people have been doing!

3.26 Rules for Radicals Discussion.  Ezra Silk hosts a discussion of Saul Alinski's book. Implications for TCM organizing tactics are discussed.

3.22 Mobilizer Meeting Derek and Nancy Casady, the organizers of the San Diego march for Mobilization debrief how they accomplished their success and what is next for them in San Diego. (Great call, very informative!)

3.15.15 Mobilizer Meeting  Margaret discusses using the personal climate narrative as a tool of persuasion and change. Mobilizers on the call share their climate narratives!

3.1.15 Presentation Meeting Margaret and Ezra discuss giving Mobilization Presentations. Mobilizers discuss their experience and thoughts on giving presentations.  

2.23.15 Point Person Meeting A 70 minute discussion about the role of being a point person. (Listen to this call if you are considering being a point person, or if you are highly interested in TCM's evolving organizational structure and strategy. Otherwise, it might not be too interesting/relevant.  Call gets a serious echo in the last 5-10 minutes.  

2.15.15 Mobilizer Meeting A discussion about changes to the pledge giving/taking procedure.

2.8.15 Mobilizer Meeting: Making the Case Mobilizers discuss the document "Making the Case"

1.25.15 Mobilizer Meeting Ezra hosts the call, in which public organizing, and the role of public organizer, is discussed. 

1.11.14 Mobilizer Meeting Mobilizers share their experiences discussing climate change with friends and family in this 90 minute call. 1 theme that emerged: the value of sharing your own experience and emotions about climate change as well as your journey towards awareness. This can help avoid the impression that you are judging or criticizing your friend.  

12.14.14 Mobilizer Meeting: Petition Discussion  Lightly attended, half hour mobilizer meeting in which the future of Mobilizer calls is considered, and how to make the best use of the Mobilization Petition is discussed. 

11.30.14 Mobilizer Meeting: Changes to the Pledge / Outreach 

Discussion of proposed changes to pledge and the possibility of future amendments (first 20 minutes). Brainstorming ideas to improve facebook posts and increase visibility for TCM. Mobilizers are encouraged to post ideas to this website.

11.23.14 Mobilizer Meeting: Tough Questions Mobilizers discuss how to confront the taboo of talking about the climate crisis. Productive brainstorming occurrs, including generating ideas such as having a "climate crisis party" or creating a Tumblr page "Climate change confessions" where people report on their own experiences of denial.

11.16.14 Mobilizer Meeting: Fundraising and Finances Discussion Conversation about The Climate Mobilization's Finances and the current fundraiser begins at 5:00, and continues to about 45:00, when the discussion, primarily shifts to the recent China-US treaty. 

11.9.14 Sixth Mobilizer Meeting  Margaret discusses the relationship between Pledge-Givers and Pledge-Takers (and how to use the new Mobilizer Guide and Gameplan form to enhance that) and the group discusses the difficulty of being a Mobilizer, especially after the recent elections.

10.26.14 Fourth Mobilizer Meeting  Margaret gives update on TCM growth and activities, discusses upcoming fundraiser at length, Mobilizers share their reactions. Two new Mobilizers are introduced. Constructive criticism is sought.  

10.19.14 Third Mobilizer Meeting  Margaret speaks with Cathy King about herself and a recent experience attempting to spread the Pledge for about about 35 minutes, and then gives summary of recent TCM activities. 

10.16.14  Strategy Meeting Focusing on Local Groups (Ezra and Margaret give an update on the state of TCM generally and discuss the hope of starting local TCM groups that will give public presentations. Ben White, who was 

10.13.14 Second Mobilizer Meeting  Margaret speaks with Virginia Fischer about her experience spreading the Pledge to Mobilize for about 35 minutes, then opens the discussion to the larger group. 







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