ENDORSEMENT: Tim Canova, Championing WWII-Scale Climate Mobilization, for U.S. Congress


Today, we are extremely proud to endorse Tim Canova for the U.S. House of Representatives! 

Tim – a professor of law and public finance and longtime populist champion – is running against DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the primaries on August 30th for Florida’s 23rd congressional district.

Like Bernie Sanders, Tim has successfully tapped into voters’ massive dissatisfaction with the status quo, leading an insurgent campaign that has transfixed the country. Going beyond Senator Sanders, Tim has adopted a platform that goes all the way in rising to the historic challenge of the climate emergency. His official climate change platform reads:

The reality of climate change will demand that we make huge investments in critical infrastructure in the coming years, from reinforcing sea walls and raising streets to protecting our electrical grid and modernizing sewage and water treatment facilities. This is why I have taken the Climate Mobilization Pledge in support of a program on the scale of the World War II mobilization of human, industrial, and financial resources to restore a safe climate. I want the United States to have net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Watch Tim's compelling call for a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization here:


Tim signed the Candidates’ Pledge to Mobilize back in March, but he’s been championing a Climate Mobilization for years. And he knows the importance of emergency action on the scale of WWII – rising seawaters already threaten his district in South Florida: “We already see the erosion of our seawalls, corrosion of critical infrastructure, and salt water intruding into the aquifers we rely on for our drinking water,” he says.

We know that when Tim gets into office he’ll work as hard as he possibly can to make Russell Greene’s WWII-scale climate mobilization amendment to the Democratic Party's national platform a reality. That’s why we are so thrilled to endorse his bid for the House. 

In an era of catastrophic gradualism and lethal cowardice, Tim has taken a tremendously courageous stand for climate truth and justice. If we are going to have a future, we will need hundreds of principled politicians like Tim Canova in Congress fighting for the WWII-scale climate mobilization required to save civilization and the natural world. We want to see him leading the charge in Congress.

Godspeed Tim!

Margaret & Ezra


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  • commented 2016-07-22 21:05:48 -0400
    Tim, you have spoken a great truth. We are facing an existential crisis. Let us together continue to speak truth to power, seek to mobilize our bases, and raise our voices to those elected officials who deny climate change realities. Thanks for your courage!

    David Sinclair
    Organizer for Florida, TCM