Celebrating Two Years of Climate Mobilization!


Allies, The Climate Mobilization is 2 years old! Our “birthday” or “launch anniversary” was actually last week, 9/21 — but we've been so busy, we barely noticed. 

In the past 2 years, we have succeeded in turning WWII-scale climate mobilization from a “hidden consensus” into a mainstream political idea. WWII-scale climate mobilization is now on the Democratic Party platform, advocated by Bill McKibben, and championed by dedicated Mobilizers all over the country.

But of course, all of these successes are not enough — we have a ways to go yet in building the mass movement we all need.

In the next year—a Year for All Years—we want to take the Platform promises and turn them into reality. We want to commence a WWII-scale mobilization in the next year, and we want to use the 100-day summit, also included in the Democratic Party platform, as a leverage point for organizing. 

This year, we are going all in for all life. We are scaling up rapidly and attracting full-time volunteers through the newly launched Climate Year program. We are so thrilled to be expanding our team and are pleased to welcome Wesley Clark Jr (see him advocate for TCM on The Young Turks), Anya Grenier (see her outstanding article in the Yale Daily News), Danielle Meitev, Sedef Buyukataman and many others.  

These courageous mobilizers need your support! Give us a birthday gift! Please consider becoming a Mobilizer-Backer today, or giving a large donation through our 501c(3) affiliate. 

Thank you for your support! 

Your allies,
Margaret Klein Salamon and the quickly expanding Climate Mobilization team!

TCM’s Success Through Our Past 2 Years:

September 2014: Launch at the People’s Climate March. We were just a small group passing out flyers at the march.

March 2015: More than 350 people rallied for WWII-scale Climate Mobilization in San Diego

June 2015: More than 10 local TCM chapters hold a national Day of Climate Mobilization, advocating mobilization in their cities.

January 2016: TCM held an Climate Emergency Caucus in Des Moines, Iowa, a culmination of 6 months of behind the scenes and grassroots organizing there.

April 2016: TCM holds a “Die-In at the UN” during the signing of the Paris climate agreement.

April 2016: Bernie Sanders advocates Mobilization at the Brooklyn Democratic primary debate.

May 2016: Article featuring The Climate Mobilization appears in The New Republic: "Should We Respond to Climate Change Like We Did to WWII?"

July 2016: 15 chapters hold local events calling for Climate Mobilization Now!

July 2016: Mobilization officially becomes part of Democratic Party Platform.

August 2016: Bill McKibben champions Mobilization in The New Republic.

August 2016: TCM publishes the first draft of The Victory Plana comprehensive policy framework for WWII-scale national climate mobilization.

September 2016: TCM announces Climate Year and begins onboarding full-time volunteers. 

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