The Climate Mobilization Santa Barbara County Chapter

Hello fellow Climate Mobilizers!

My name is Grace Feldmann. I've been involved in political and environmental activism most of my adult life. Before I started, I volunteered with Santa Barbara County Water Guardians (2014) in an effort to put the "Yes on P" anti-fracking initiative on the 2014 ballot. Unfortunately, the millions spent by the oil lobby confused the public,  and the initiative failed. Nevertheless, the campaign birthed a lot of new activism in our community and that fight against fossil fuel pollution goes on today. I also volunteer with 350SB. Most of my time right now is spent as the lead organizer for I believe Bernie Sanders is the only candidate capable of and likely willing to take action on the scale called for by the Pledge to Mobilize. I believe once he is in office and no longer has to worry about what could make him seem too extreme to voters, he will act on the scale required; assuming we create a large enough movement to bring to the White House lawn (literally and figuratively).

I joined TCM Jan 2016, because I think that as much as climate change needs to be approached from an inter-sectional perspective, the crises itself is so severe that we need to simultaneously hone the focus to getting governmental acknowledgement of the emergency and commitment to a WW2 scale mobilization NOW. 2050 is too late. Even 2030 is too far off a goal post for getting GHG emissions to zero. 

My plan is to recruit from the groups I work with to form a core steering team for the June 26th event, and a local chapter. I hope to find co-leaders and collaborators and ultimately a team or individual who can take the reigns for this effort - because if we can get Bernie the nomination, a lot of my time will be focused on campaigning for him through November. 

(There are multiple possible meeting spaces, something we deal with all the time in SBforBernie)

What I hope to accomplish: to gather a team of individuals committed to raising awareness of the extent of our climate emergency - in a way that  doesn't scare people into paralysis, but inspires outrage and dedication. We'll follow the directives of the national organization and brainstorm creative ways to to do local outreach and education, to reach as many people as possible in the SB county region with the TCM message; A message which will inspire rapid growth in the movement, build our strength in numbers and make our voice so powerful that the electeds cannot ignore us.

The climate emergency is here. The time to act is NOW. Join me in taking the Pledge to Mobilize, and getting this chapter off the ground in SB County.

My email:

Please feel free to contact me (email is best if not urgent) if you have an interest in helping to promote TCM's message.

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