Join Us for a Conversation: What's Next for The Climate Mobilization?

Allies, we were not expecting a President Trump. His election shows us that this country is desperate for change, but is still deeply in denial about the truth of the climate emergency. We're shocked and grieving, but still all in for all life. 

Please join us tonight for an interactive video chat with TCM directors Margaret Klein Salamon & Ezra Silk to discuss what comes next:

Date: Thursday, Nov. 10
8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PDT
Video Link:

Our organizing plans for the upcoming year were centered upon realizing the promises in the Democratic Party Platform of a first 100-days climate emergency summit and a WWII-scale climate mobilization. We are in the process of updating our strategy in light of the drastically altered political situation. Our general mandate to spread the truth of the climate crisis and organize power behind the demands for emergency mobilization will remain at the core of our movement.

We have always known we needed to accomplish an almost unthinkable transformation. We believe that, if anything, this election shows that we live in a time when old rules increasingly do not apply, in which the seemingly unthinkable is possible.

We have spoken and written before about how crises change morality. When the future of all life on earth is at stake, it's not enough to be a good, law abiding individual. Our moral duty is to respond and to rescue as much precious life as humanly possible. We must challenge ourselves to find the most effective course of action to protecting civilization and the natural world, and then to devote as much of our time, energy, and resources to this cause as we can.

We have spent the past two years using the World War II home front mobilization as an analogy for how we, as a nation, could respond to this catastrophe. Today, we remember why that war was fought in the first place; how the American people summoned the courage to fight fascism. We meditate on the dangers of taking a backseat in times of moral crisis. 

We do not know what the coming years will bring. But this election has demonstrated the danger of a collective failure of imagination. We cannot be prepared to fight what we do not believe can happen. This is true both of the potential for climate-induced civilizational collapse as well as the election of a fascist president in 21st century America.

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The truth does not change with our president’s ability to recognize it. We are still in a planetary climate crisis, one that is escalating with every passing day, and one that threatens the continued existence of much of life on earth. The only way forward is to continue to fight for civilization and the natural world through advocating a WWII-scale mobilization to restore a safe climate and reverse overshoot.

Never forget the feeling you have today. Let it redouble your resolve to rescue our democracy and our world. But remember that service needs more than grief, outrage or anger to sustain it. Rather, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “to serve you need only a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

With deep respect and gratitude for you all. We look forward to speaking to you tonight. 

Margaret and Ezra


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  • commented 2016-11-10 20:46:42 -0500
    On the bright side: The mainstream-Democrat idea that Paris and Clinton the Clean Power Plan would blunt warming in a serious way, was delusional to begin with. Now that this delusion has been junked, it can’t fog up the windows at least. We’re at a new point of clarity I think. Pundits no longer can pretend that “something is being done.” This will make it easier to stir enthusiasm. I can feel it already.