Use your graphic design abilities to make The Climate Mobilization look professional and exciting.

The Climate Mobilization has enlisted the services of Katharine Woodman Maynard for our design needs. Katharine is an incredibly talented designer, and has given us a reduced rate—but she is not free! As much as possible, we would like to transition our design services to a Mobilizer willing to volunteer their time. If that person is you, you would start by working collaboratively with Katharine, and hopefully transition to taking on more and more responsibilities. Another workable arrangement could be to use you for some projects and Katharine for other projects.


  • Undertake design projects as they emerge.
  • Analyze our website and materials for possible design improvements.
  • Develop promotional materials (posters, graphics) for TCM.

Necessary Skills:

  • Graphic design ability and experience (and access to relevant computer programs).
  • Ability to integrate your style with our existing design style.

Time Requirement: 3-6 hours/week.

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