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DeCentralization and Beyond

Working with DeCentralization movement to get a cryptocurrency based on positive climate action. www.bitnation.co is a good example of what a motivated group of computer people can achieve.

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Margaret suggested the "suggestion" pages might be a better place for this than the blog.

We've been growing, but too slowly. And the truth is that without one extraordinary recruiter - Michelle Matsumoto - we'd be growing half as fast (or less). SO WHAT DO WE DO? Part of the founders' vision (if i understand it correctly) is that when we've signed up several hundred mobilizers in EVERY Congressional district, we'll be able to elect a climate-friendly Congress. Well, we have about 2500 signed up now. To have 200 in each of 435 districts we need 87,000! And if we want one mobilizer in each PRECINCT, of which there are about 600 per district, on average, then we need 3 times as many, or 261,000. If we want a team of 4 in each precinct, that's just over a million, 1,044,000. Can we do this? Well, if each of the 2500 we have NOW recruits 5, that's 12,500 + 2500, 15,000. If each of THOSE 12,500 recruits 5, that's another 62,500, 77,500. If each of THOSE 62,500 recruits just 4, that's 250,000 + 77,500 = 327,500. And if each of he quarter-million new recruits brings on just another 3, that's another 750,000, total 1,077,500, or 33,500 more than our target. So again, the 2500 we have now each bring on JUST 5 each, and THEY get 5 each, who get 4, who get 3. And if no one ever brings in more than the target for their 'generation', and no more, we have over a million. Considering that Michelle's been doing about 20-30 A WEEK, this is surely do-able. To do this, i think we need a timetable. EVERYONE MUST RECRUIT ANOTHER 5 BY NOV.30. Then the original mobilizers must work with their 5 to see that they each bring in 5 by DEC.31. Shoot, that's only about ONE A WEEK! EACH of the 'older' mobilizers must find a few to be managers, who will see to it that their downline all recruit their target number (remember, NEVER more than 5 each!!). 4 more each by JAN.31, and 3 each by FEB.29, an BINGO! We go into March with our million. NOW we can start knocking on doors in our precincts and count heads. How many voters can we count on to VOTE CLIMATE! Along the way we might want to have a weekend gathering at some retreat center such as Rowe Camp in western Massachusetts, or George Williams College on Lake Geneva, WI (google 'em!) for top-level mobilizers--the early cadre, plus those who have proved adept at recruiting, to work on strategy for he next year. Whaddya'all think?

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Print large materials on Vinyl!

Its not very expensive and the quality is great-- totally reusable. You can call or email MegaPrint-- they have all of our designs on file

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