Does the future of civilization rest on the upcoming US election?

This is a very interesting document. Obviously, it is VERY United States-centric. The role of international agreements (COP21 anyone) or other national efforts are utterly lacking. In fact, if you accept the urgent tone on face value, then one could argue that the very future of civilization rests on Hillary Clinton winning the election and then her being convinced to essentially immediately pursue the emergency measures outlined in the plan (not to mention getting it through Congress!). None off the timelines presented are remotely achievable if we do not start until after the 2020 elections or later. In a similar vein, there is very little in the plan on how other nations might synergize with the US if it pursued the plan as described. If the US were to adopt these measures, will the rest of the world fall in line and head off catastrophe? The plan is pretty thin on this point. My other major comment is that I am not convinced that the economy as currently structured is robust enough to accommodate the massive changes envisioned in a very short time. The shuttering of various industries, and the scaling up of others, as envisioned, would cause vast dislocations in labor markets. Millions will become unemployed while millions will need to be trained and re-employed. The plan envisions trillions in government spending. I’m just not sure that the economy can accommodate such massive changes and remain stable. Finally, there is essentially no science in the document to back up the urgent timetable. There is not universal agreement that there is zero carbon budget remaining, for example. While I understand not putting the science in the plan, it will need to be part of the larger plan to convince President Clinton to pursue the program outlined. Good luck!

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