Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the Climate Movement

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What climate leaders are saying about "Leading the Public into Emergency Mode"

"With unique skills as a psychologist, social anthropologist and community organizer, Margaret Klein Salamon has ripped the cover off denial and inaction — no more incremental steps. We are in an emergency — the climate crisis has us headed towards catastrophe and we must now recognize that emergency mode is our only hope. But why haven’t we been? Read this and know the WWII mobilization that is growing exponentially and is required to pull us back from the brink. Thank you Margaret for this brilliantly conceived, urgent call to arms."

—Lise Van Susteren, co-founder of Interfaith Moral Action on Climate and advisor to Harvard School of Public Health, Center for Health and the Global Environment

"It’s no wonder so many people are depressed about the climate. Now that extreme weather events are rushing in on us with ever greater intensity and frequency, we realise at last that the issue is real. But, we also 'know' that we have left things too late because society always takes forever to put solutions in place and everything that is done always involves unsatisfactory compromises and half-measures. 

"Before giving into despair however, there is a new paper by Margaret Klein Salamon that every climate activist should read: 'Leading the Public into Emergency Mode.'

"This paper shines a light on a mode of action that is available to every person and every society but that most people are not even aware of, and that is emergency mode. To succeed in a world that could often be dangerous and challenging humans had to evolve two modes of action, normal and emergency. Klein Salamon explores how we can trigger emergency mode and how we can deploy it to deliver the needed climate rescue, even at this late stage."

—Philip Sutton, coauthor of Climate Code Red and founder and director of Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation

"In her new paper, Margaret Klein Salamon tells us we must go into climate emergency mode engaging our whole beings. Salamon parallels our situation with the 1980s when activists successfully mobilized AIDS response around the slogan, 'Silence is death.' Today we must say that promoting gradual solutions to a climate crisis gone critical is a form of silence that will lead to global catastrophe. For the world to take the climate emergency seriously, we in the climate movement ourselves have to do that. We must loudly speak the truth of the critical climate emergency we are facing and the World War II-scale mobilization needed to address it."

—Patrick Mazza, Delta 5 activist, co-founder and former research director of Climate Solutions, author of Cascadia Planet.

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  • commented 2016-11-23 19:00:26 -0500
    I don’t particularly care that The Donald will soon be Mr. President. Even without him, we need to keep moving ahead on plans to reduce negative forces upsetting our climate. Perhaps some of your neighbours will have to do more of the “heavy lifting.” We are all in this together.

    Best wishes from Canada.
  • commented 2016-05-22 07:12:04 -0400
    It’s a great job you guys are doing. Well I am very interested to setup a new local chapter in Bangladesh
  • commented 2016-05-22 07:12:03 -0400
    It’s a great job you guys are doing. Well I am very interested to setup a new local chapter in Bangladesh
  • commented 2016-04-29 13:31:48 -0400
    100 yrs. from now after a 300 mph Super Hurricane has leveled Hawaii Emperor Trump the 3rd will say. It’s just the weather.