"Some deny the gravity of the climate crisis, while others throw their hands up and resign themselves to chaos and tragedy. The Climate Mobilization presents a responsible alternative. The Climate Mobilization has taken an unflinching look at the latest climate science and emerged with an honest and realistic plan to save civilization and the natural world. I hope that we, the American people, heed their call for heroic political action."

MICHAEL MANNDirector of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, lead author on the IPCC Third Assessment Report



"For over two decades the world has been negotiating to prevent dangerous climate change. But in those years the climate has become dangerous. Now time has run out for reform-as-usual and it will only be through a World War II-intensity economic mobilization that it will be possible to restore a safe, livable climate before humanity and life on earth crashes into catastrophe. But this new mode of action will only happen if we campaign directly for it. The Climate Mobilization has been set up specifically to take on this central challenge of our time. TCM’s work is so important that we cannot afford to let it fail. Each one of us has something important and special to add to the mobilization effort, and with enough of us contributing, success can be assured."

PHILIP SUTTON, Co-Author of "Climate Code Red" (2008)



"The urgency of our planetary emergency requires that we transition from fossil fuels to renewables not in decades, but in years. We must move beyond what conventional wisdom views as politically feasible to what this existential crisis truly demands: an all hands on deck societal mobilization at wartime speed...To this end, we join with our allies at The Climate Mobilization in calling on Congress and the White House to revitalize our economy and put America back to work by declaring a U.S. goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025." 

REV. LENNOX YEARWOODPresident & CEO of The Hip Hop Caucus 

TOM WEIS, President of Climate Crisis Solutions


"Climate change caused by humans burning fossil fuels is already dangerous, especially for the world's poorest peoples and most vulnerable species. Unchecked global warming threatens our health, our economy, our jobs, our coastlines, and our food and water security. Our obligation is to care for all people and protect nature. Our responsibility is to decarbonize as fast as humanly possible to restore a safe climate. At times of crisis, humans in a spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility have been capable of transformative social and economic mobilisation to overcome existential threats to society. We again face such a moment in history, a climate emergency. Decarbonization as rapidly as possible is integral to The Climate Mobilization's mission, and it is essential for protecting civilization and the natural world."

DAVID SPRATTCo-Author of "Climate Code Red" (2008)