Expanded Elements of Mobilization




We call for a ban on new investment in the fossil fuel infrastructure and a scheduled early retirement of existing fuel infrastructure and facilities. We call for the closing of all US fossil fuel production and consumption by 2025, and globally by 2030.








In order to meed America's energy needs, and to help the world meet theirs, we call for a massive scale-up of renewable energy production. As in World War II, we advocate the US government entering into public-private partnerships in which company's transition costs are covered as they begin producing solar panels and wind turbines.

Government agencies should partner with universities and private companies to continue research into improving renewable energy. Renewable energy technology and hardware should be shared with developing countries who are committed to mobilization.








Climate change threatens food security and industrial agriculture is a major source of emissions. For these two reasons we must transform our food system. Agricultural production needs to be intensely localized-- emphasizing  growing food at home and at community gardens. Permaculture practices must be utilized on large and small farms. As in World War II, we believe meat and fish consumption should be limited.

Water, which is increasingly scarce, must be carefully protected from pollution and managed. 







TCM_icons_NationalConservationProject.pngThe United States currently wastes more energy than we use! In order to reduce emissions as quickly as possible, we must eliminate waste, and cut overall energy consumption. Large scale conservation projects include insulating homes, improving on existing mass transit systems and constructing new ones, and implementing a smart grid. 

Every citizen and business will take part in reducing the country's emissions through alterations in their daily lives, including reducing the amount we heat and cool our homes and office, forgoing pleasure travel, and more. We believe that fair-shares rationing, as in World War II, is the most equitable way to share scarce resources.







We need the participation of every American! We must also protect workers from economic disruption-- and therefor call for a job guarantee-- making the government the employer of last resort. There is so much work to be done, the Climate Mobilization should create tens of millions of new jobs. 









Moving the world to net zero emissions by 2030 should be the United States top foreign policy priority, and we should work vigorously to enlist allies in Mobilization. We should assist our allies in Mobilization through supplying them technology, renewable energy capacity, or other aid that will assist their rapid transition. Sanctions should be imposed against countries unwilling to mobilize. 

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