Facebook Moderator

Help maintain a Facebook group for Mobilizers that is friendly, open, and functional.

The Climate Mobilization uses Facebook as a communications platform and an outreach tool. Since so many Mobilizers use Facebook, our Climate Mobilization Facebook group has turned out to be a fantastic place to meet each other, discuss strategies and concerns, post important updates, and introduce new Mobilizers. It’s therefore very important that we have someone who moderates our Facebook group effectively. You will keep conversation focused on information and discussions that help us grow as a movement.


  • Facilitate discussion in the closed Facebook Group, “The Climate Mobilization,” for Pledge signers.
  • Respond to all requests to join this group by admitting (if the person has signed the Pledge) or communicating with that individual and inviting them to sign the Pledge first.
  • Welcoming new Members, and congratulating people for giving the Pledge, especially if it's their first time.
  • Monitoring the discussion, and redirecting posts to other groups when appropriate.
  • Cross-post some information to the Discussion Board on TCM website/post some info on TCM website to FB Group.
  • Keep Board updated on significant Facebook activities/news.

 Necessary Skills:

  • Facebook competence.
  • Friendly online presence.
  • Ability to check the Facebook group 2-4 times a day, and consistently stay on top of the group’s activities and discussions.

 Time Commitment:

4-10 hours/week

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