Greenhouse gas sequestration and other geoengineering approaches to global cooling

In this section of the Climate Solutions Institute, we invite you to join us in thinking seriously about specific climate mobilization strategies, focusing on proposal and testing of methods to sequester greenhouse gases;  preventing their release into the atmosphere and/or removing them from the atmosphere.  Reminder:  the complexity and magnitude of the climate crisis demands that we be open to solutions from unexpected places.   For this reason, the Climate Solutions Institute is neutral ground that explicitly makes room for brainstorming.    Necessarily, this means that many proposals will be flawed and at times, this may be readily apparent to some readers.  But in the interests of capturing the benefits of brainstorming, personal attacks, and unnecessarily unkind arguments are strictly banned.  Therefore, we require that negative comments be self-limited to the presentation of hard data with citations whenever possible, or a simple statement of relevant facts without attitude.      

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