Great plan but outreach to all America is essential for the plan to work

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    Great job Ezra. First I would hope in the spirit of collaboration with TCM members and supporters that you respond to the suggestions and questions raised in these comments.

    Reading the Victory Plan and Margaret’s essays it seems to me it would be really enhance the plan to integrate your work with Margaret’s.

    While the political strategy is the biggest gap in the plan (obviously an intentional one) a communications strategy to inform folks as the victory plan unfolds is essential and is only briefly alluded to in the plan.

    The president needs to communicate regularly with the nation on the rationale, mechanics, cost, goals and benefits of the Victory Plan.

    There needs to be a way to engage the American people in this process without negating progress – not an easy balancing act but a necessary one.

    One approach would be creating what might be called National Climate Conversations. These conversations would involve millions of people and should be initiated with the support and financing of foundations and other non governmental entities.

    They would cover the whole range of issues and concerns that such a revolutionary plan would raise.

    Specific outreach to major associations and interest groups also need to be organized and included in the Victory Plan.

    The plan should also incorporate the creation of new Climate Universities throughout the country to educate a new generation of students, undertake cutting edge climate research, and provide outreach services by a dedicated corps of people. What I would call Climate Extension Agents.

    I also believe it is essential to reach out to the mega billionaires in this country. The plan should incorporate a strategy to gain their political, economic, moral and financial support.

    I believe that many wealthy Americans if skillfully approached with appeals to their patriotism, egos and financial and personal futures will choose to provide invaluable support.

    I eagerly await the next iteration of the plan, with the goal of getting one step closer to implementation after this election.
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