Introducing the Moral Mobilization! (Action Plans & Encyclical call Thurs 7.2)

Allies! Last Sunday, National Climate Mobilization Day, we publicly demanded a Climate Mobilization in 15 cities across the U.S., as well as in Paris and Tulum, Mexico. On Thursday, Pope Francis published Laudato Si,  the earth-shaking encyclical about humanity’s relationship to nature, in which he reacts to the ecological crisis by calling for dramatic carbon emissions reductions in the next few years as well as a more general rebirth, or “ecological conversion,” of both individuals and society.


Although Pope Francis does not suggest a specific way forward or policy solution, we believe the Pledge to Mobilize is FULLY compatible with the vision outlined in the encyclical. While the Climate Mobilization is not a religious organization, and welcomes people of all faiths and creeds, we believe that the political platform and social movement strategy embodied in the Pledge to Mobilize fulfills the encyclical’s vision of an engaged, empowered citizenry acting forcefully to protect creation, our shared home.

As such, our next major action event will be the Moral Mobilization, which will occur the week of Sept. 20, when Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the United States. We will be partaking in the Moral March for Climate Justice in Washington D.C. and asking organizers to organize sister-events across the country. For instance, you could demonstrate at your congressional representative’s office, read aloud the Pledge and excerpts of the Encyclical, and ask them to sign the Pledge. Marches, rallies, presentations—especially to congregations—are all possible ways to organize!

If you are interested in organizing an event, please let us—and the public—know by “creating an event” here. Over the next few weeks, we will work together with event hosts to find collaborators, set up an organizing structure and think about what kind of events to hold.

Encyclical Discussion

To prepare for the Moral Mobilization, on July 2nd at 8 p.m. Eastern Time we will hold a discussion of the Encyclical, Laudato Si.  RSVP Here  917 444 5627  URL:

We will be joined by Bhikku Bodhi, a Buddhist monk who spoke at the June 14 New York City teach-in, and Mark Silk, a professor of religion and politics who is the father of TCM deputy director Ezra Silk! 
The encyclical is beautiful and moving, accessible, and incredibly important - so please read the whole thing! 

Click here to read “Laudato Si.”

Note: we will not be holding a Mobilizer call this Sunday, 6/28. Please take the time to read the Encyclical!

If that is not possible, we recommend reading the first 20 pages and these two articles:

Vatican Overview of "Laudato Si"

Historian Ted Widmer's Analysis, “The Pope’s Political Earthquake” 

Also, check out the initial writings of our special guests on the Encyclical: Mark Silk Bhikku Bodhi 

Remember, the Moral Mobilization will highlight the overlap between the Encyclical’s call for an “ecological conversion” of individuals and society-at-large and the Pledge to Mobilize. As you read these documents, please keep this in mind!

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