Volunteer Opportunities


Positions listed below take a commitment of 5-20 hours per week. Some require training.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please fill...

Project Manager

With so much going on at The Climate Mobilization, often the position we are most in need of is outstanding project managers. 


Help The Climate Mobilization raise the funds we need to become a major political force.

Elected Official and Candidate Liaison

Candidates have already begun Pledging to Mobilize! We need someone to stay in touch with these candidates and campaigns, building a relationship, and encouraging...

Human Resources

Help us manage and develop mobilizers! 

Event Planner

TCM has started to get deep into hosting public events, and we need experienced, enthusiastic event planners helping us.


Join our tech team, and help TCM maintain and improve our tech operation. 

Facebook Moderator

Help maintain a Facebook group for Mobilizers that is friendly, open, and functional.