State of The Climate Mobilization: June Update

There’s a huge amount going on with The Climate Mobilization right now. We want all of you to know where our movement stands and where it is headed. To that end, below is an update on our recent and upcoming activities. Please add your feedback in the comments below!


*Introducing Nicole Harris, TCM's new deputy director and head of organizing. 

Nicole left a lucrative job at an NYC law firm to work as a full-time volunteer for TCM for an entire year. Since she joined as a full time volunteer in February, Nicole has rapidly become a key part of our central operations. Nicole is heading up both organizing efforts and (recently created) legal department. Her addition has allowed TCM to scale up considerably, permitting Margaret and Ezra--who will be continuing at TCM as director of strategy and policy--to focus on other areas of TCM's development. Our sincere hope is to raise enough money that we can pay Nicole after her volunteer year is over!   

*Ten chapters are preparing events for National Climate Mobilization Day on July 10. The Bay Area Chapter will be hosting its event on June 26. Good luck to all organizers! (It’s not too late to plan a last-minute event! Contact to join us!) 

*Political candidates continue to sign our Pledge! More than 15 congressional candidates have signed, as well as various state and local officials!

What's Next? Comprehensive Outreach to Elected Officials and the Creation of Statewide Climate Mobilization Caucuses.


After July 10, we will work with local chapters to initiate comprehensive outreach to our elected representatives on every level, inviting them to sign the Pledge to Mobilize and to join a statewide “Climate Mobilization Caucus.”

Meeting with local officials will grow our local chapters' organizing capacity. Creating caucuses in states with strong chapters will set us up very well to push for concrete legislation on the local, statewide, and national levels next year.

Locally, we will offer a resolution that recognizes the climate emergency and calls on the federal government to mobilize. It may also include language similar to the Portland, OR resolution that banned fossil fuel expansion (to the extent that it was legally able). On the state level, members of the Climate Mobilization Caucus can advance fossil fuel expansion bans — which we are drafting now. On the national level, we will push for Congress to declare a climate emergency and initiate the climate mobilization. The Victory Plan, which is nearly completed, will also supplement our national advocacy.

But first, we need to do comprehensive outreach and set up the caucuses! More on this in the coming weeks!


*Ezra Silk is hard at work on the Victory Plan, TCM’s comprehensive policy platform. The Victory Plan explains HOW we will eliminate net emissions by 2025 and accomplish a large-scale drawdown effort, while reversing humanity’s ecological overshoot and stopping the sixth mass extinction! We will publish a draft of this document for public commentary in mid-July. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions, the best of which we will incorporate into the final Victory Plan. 

*Nicole has also been working with Philip Sutton and others to write state-level legislation that bans future expansion of the fossil fuel economy.

Fundraising (and Compliance)

*The Climate Mobilization is a “social movement start-up” that has run on a shoestring budget thanks to the passion and commitment of its volunteers. While this model has been extremely successful, it is also very limiting in terms of the rapid growth that we seek. Margaret Klein Salamon is focused on institutional development, particularly, raising the funds so that TCM and its sister organization, CMP (see below), can have a staff, support our chapters monetarily, and grow more rapidly in size and power than we have thus far.

*Be a Mobilizer-Backer! We have just launched our “mobilizer-backer” program. We are asking all mobilizers and supporters to help sustain TCM with a regular monthly donation. Your monthly commitment can be as low as $5 a month or as high as you can afford.

Mobilizer_Bcker.pngThe mobilizer-backer commitments will provide regular, predictable income, allowing The Climate Mobilization and its dedicated mobilizers to better pursue our mission, which is no less than saving civilization and the natural world.

If you become a mobilizer backer, you will be honored on our website and receive invitations to quarterly calls with TCM leadership. On these calls--just for members of the mobilizer-backer program--we will listen to your feedback an answer questions. We hope that you join!


*Margaret has developed this pitch deck (with help from others!) to present TCM (and, especially, CMP!) to potential large donors.

*Margaret, working closely with mobilizer Joshua King, has been developing TCM’s medium-term strategy and grant-writing approach.

*We are considering applying for the MacArthur Foundation 100&Change competition. Completing this application is an opportunity to sketch out our big picture strategy in more detail and bring other organizations on board. Also, the prospect of raising $100 million certainly appeals.

*The Climate Mobilization Project (CMP) has applied to the IRS for 501(c)(3) designation! Its board consists of Margaret Klein Salamon, Nicole Harris, Ezra Silk, and Philip Sutton. Having an affiliated 501(c)(3) will allow us to accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants to promote the concept of an emergency climate mobilization through education and other tax exempt activities.

*The Climate Mobilization filed its first non-abbreviated 990 with the IRS. (Thank you, Peg Dolente and Tim Darst for your help with this!)

*TCM exists in a highly complex regulatory environment at the intersection of non-profit law and election law. Compliance efforts have been led by Nicole, who has developed a small team of legal volunteers and interns to both contribute to policy and legislation development as well as to guide TCM.

Outreach (Gaining Allies) 

*In the last month, Margaret presented TCM at the Left Forum, a Harvard 50th reunion, and Mt. Sinai School of Public Health.

*Ezra attended a “Climate Grand Strategy” summit in California, where he represented The Climate Mobilization among leaders from many climate groups. He then created this Climate Movement Grand Strategy blog, which aims to continue that discussion.

TCM continues to expand and connect with many allies. In particular, we are building exciting relationships with:

  • Ken Ward, former deputy director of Greenpeace USA
  • Russell Greene, president of Progressive Democrats of America and People Demanding Action
  • Andy Kuntz and Kelsey Lopez of the U.S. High Speed Rail Association
  • Wesley Clark, Jr., veteran who is very involved with The Young Turks television show
  • Jamila Raqib of the Albert Einstein Institution


*An exciting first, TCM was covered in a feature article in The New Republic: “Should We Respond to Climate Change Like We Did to WWII?”  TCM Executive Director Margaret Klein Salamon and advisors Paul Gilding and Philip Sutton were quoted extensively.

*This follows on the heels of being quoted in Grist on the insufficiency of Senators Boxer and Durbin’s “Climate War Bonds” proposal and of course the wave of coverage of our Die In at the UN. (Full press run down available here.)





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  • commented 2016-06-15 10:13:53 -0400
    I would be interested in a “blog” reflection on the rationalization for “yet another start up” from Climate Mobilization. I’ve been hold the name “” as an asset for a future not for profit enterprise focused on getting the ecological balance of four planetary surface vegetation re-established in the face of climate disruption. The research which will be required is ongoing and should be “built into” any project undertaken under guidelines for afforestation efforts, but… there is no agreement on how to create and maintain local and regional guidelines for projects. I suspect focusing simply on getting out broad protest mobilizations is an easier task, but given the interplay between those planning demonstrations at the Democratic and Republican conventions this season, and local security authorities, I’m beginning to think that only the lawyers and the security forces benefit substantially from anything.
  • commented 2016-06-14 09:18:44 -0400
    It seems to me that working on climate deniers in some way is part of the solution. Reaching them from their own perspective, shaming them or perhaps just creating a bandwagon to suck them in which seems your approach. I like the pledge.
    On what needs to be done to get control of climate change: We need to stop burning fossil fuels almost completely and now. The climate will continue into the extremely dangerous levels of 2 degrees C even having done this so we also must sequester CO2 out of the atmosphere and this can start now.
    Tools to accomplish this might include: Putting the real cost of a product into the sale price… a carbon tax. Paying for sequestration… building organics in soil, forestry management, requiring fossil fuel companies to sequester as much or more carbon as their activities put into the atmosphere.
    This can be a win win. A new economy will be more profitable than the current one. Life will be more comfortable and we can feel good about our grand kids which even the deniers will value.
  • commented 2016-06-14 00:40:36 -0400
    I would say EXCITING is the word to use, on what TCM has accomplished and has planned. My own fledging non-profit will make sure you are part of our engagement of Americans. Thank you all!
  • commented 2016-06-13 22:41:41 -0400
    Great update. It’s clear that you have all been very busy! It’s exciting to read about the work that’s going on.