Key Documents

Ready for a deep dive into the climate crisis, the need for national mobilization, and The Climate Mobilization's strategy for a movement that can make it possible?

1) Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement: Embracing Climate Truth and Escalating to Win by Anya Grenier (4/2017)

Our strategy for commencing climate mobilization in the Age of Trump, through an open-source movement.

2) Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the Climate Movement, by Margaret Klein Salamon (4/2016)

The psychological foundation of our strategy and approach.

3) The Victory Plan, by Ezra Silk (8/2016)

A policy document that tangibly demonstrates how the U.S. could eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, contribute to a global effort to restore a safe climate, and reverse ecological overshoot through a massive WWII-scale mobilization. 

4) The Transformative Power of Climate Truth, by Margaret Klein Salamon (updated 10/2015)

Our philosophical and moral foundation. 

5) The Case for Climate Mobilization, by Ezra Silk (updated 4/2016)

A document that lays out why we are already in a climate emergency, and why a WWII-scale national economic mobilization is the only way to secure our civilization and democracy by restoring a safe climate.

6) Climate Reality Check, by David Spratt (updated 6/2016)

The best overview of our current climate situation & synthesis of climate research, as the speed of major climate impacts continue to accelerate.

7) Book/video/material recommendations, (updated 4/2017)

The books, articles, videos, and films that have moved and guided us along the way.