Launched! The Pledge to Mobilize is Here


Allies! I write with very exciting news: After more than a year of development, the Pledge to Mobilize has now launched! 

Here is a breakdown of what we have going on before and during the People's Climate March.

1) Our website is up and running! Check out our slideshow at the top, the Pledge to Mobilize, and, if you're ready to dig deep, read our (updated) strategy document Rising to the Challenge of Our Time, Together. This essay clearly and passionately lays out the case for a wartime-level national effort against climate change, and for the Pledge to Mobilize. It is definitely the most comprehensive way to understand The Climate Mobilization.

2) Our first big recruitment push is ramping up now. On 9/21, the People's Climate March — the largest march for climate action in history — will be taking place in NYC. The Climate Mobilization will be out in force, telling marchers about the Pledge to Mobilize, and offering it in Public Pledge sessions before and after the March!

We'll also be discussing the psychology of climate change with Marchers and passersby, since getting in touch with the ways that a changing climate affects us personally is a necessary part of responding to the looming threat rationally.


Join the TCM@PCM Facebook event and/or follow us on Twitter @MobilizeClimate for updates about our locations before, during, and after the March.

Also check out this article about how the Pledge to Mobilize is a perfect fit for the People's Climate March, since it offers both clear demands for climate action that the diverse and massive assembly of Marchers can rally behind, and a strategy to achieve those demands. (, the blog for the prestigious Post Carbon Institute, gave it top billing last week!)

If you would like to canvass with us at the march, enter your information here.

3) We will be having our first public presentation/discussion/meeting "Presenting the Climate Mobilization- a Plan to Save Civilization" on Saturday 9/20 at 5:30 PM at the White Institute, 20 W 74th St, NYC. The very attractive flyer for the event is below :). Please RSVP on Facebook if you can make it! 

4) Ready to take the Pledge? I will be hosting two Pledge Giving Conference Calls this week!  The calls are: Sunday 9/14 at 7:00pm EST and Tuesday 9/16 at 9:30pm EST. RSVP on Facebook if you can make it! The phone number to call is 917-444-5627 and click here to join online. It is highly recommended that you take the call with your computer available. 

(Note: until we expand internationally — which we are pursuing as quickly as possible — the Pledge is intended for Americans or people living in the United States. If that excludes you, be in touch and lets help TCM expand to your country!)

This is a critical time for our organization. We need to build a base of Mobilizers and to really start getting the Pledge out there. Please join us for the March or for a call, and be one of the first people to take the Pledge to Mobilize!

Margaret Klein


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