Leadership-Level Volunteer Opportunities in The Climate Mobilization


Wanted: passionate, dedicated, talented climate warriors to help save civilization!

Check out this list of leadership-level volunteer opportunities, and please share widely.

The Climate Mobilization is an all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to head off catastrophic climate disruption by instigating a WWII-scale mobilization that transitions our agricultural and energy systems to carbon-neutral, bringing United States emissions to net zero by 2025.

Our primary tool in achieving this incredibly ambitious and scientifically necessary goal is the Pledge to Mobilize, a political platform and social movement strategy that's designed to fight denial and passivity in the face of crisis. The Pledge gives every citizen an opportunity to spread climate truth and engage effectively in the movement to secure a livable future for humanity.

Since launching 4 months ago, we have grown and expanded our membership. We've also outgrown the full capacity of our current leadership, and are looking for new leaders to help us continue to grow in power and strength. We are ready to take the Pledge to Mobilize into the public sphere by building relationships in the larger climate movement, approaching politicians directly, and organizing locally in order to put pressure behind our request that politicians sign.

Can you help us succeed in this new phase? Do you know someone who can? 

Available leadership-level volunteer opportunities include: 

Public Organizer, Head of Organizational Outreach, Petition Campaign Director and more.

Positions are also available for people with special skills such as graphic design, programming, and film making!

If you want to help, but are looking for something with a more limited time commitment, check out our "part-time" volunteer opportunities.


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