Congratulations for "Victory Plan." It's rigorous and it covers so many angles. And it's elegant.

I like this: "The U.S. could not defeat the Axis with a fleet of Studebakers."

I also like: "Energy planners need to examine the fastest possible technical scenarios for abolishing fossil fuels. Speculation about the limits of 'political acceptability' in the neoliberal era should be left to historians, sociologists, and politicians." The issue of acceptability might also be left to planners at Homeland Security and other agencies charged with maintaining public order. It's wise of you not to go there, and to affirm twice that constitutional rights must be maintained. It's wise to endorse the primacy of democracy. To do otherwise would bring charges of jack-boot thuggery. Of course, as you know, those charges are coming anyway. Big fat government butt on everybody's faces. The boondocks will boil over. But let them boil over. They're boiling over as it is.

I'd like to flag something. On page 43 you quote Heinberg & Fridley. "Even assuming a massive build-out of solar and wind capacity...renewables will probably be unable to fully replace the quantity of energy currently provided by fossil fuels, let alone meet projected energy demand growth." You comment, "Despite these challenges, Heinberg and Fridley argue that a massive mobilization can generate 100% renewable energy. But it will take an immediate shift in government policies." Generate 100% of what? Not 100% of energy demand, presumably, given the demand projections. There's a bit of a waffle factor here. It probably deserves to be clarified a bit. It's a tough issue to talk plainly about. I refer to degrowth, of course. But Ezra, you're so brilliantly plain about so many issues in this document.

I think Victory Plan will ring bells and resonate widely. What a great job!

Lewis Gannett

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