Great work Ezra!

We are so proud of what you accomplished in this Victory Plan! I am sure people will have all sorts of feedback, but please know this is a terrific contribution to TCM, and, I think, to all life.

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  • commented 2016-08-19 13:49:01 -0400
    So very exciting, I think it’s brilliant! I’m not sure this was addressed, I didn’t see it in the first read through but I believe we should address cleaning up our environmental messes; old infrastructure is emitting loads of methane and pollutants, resolving some environmental injustices are included in cleaning up as many are drinking contaminated water and the problem is likely to get worse if we only decommission and not actually remove aging fossil fuel infrastructure.
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  • commented 2016-08-19 12:55:23 -0400
    It’s an important plan, but how do we get the plan made into public policy? That’s the part that keeps so many of us wondering whether our species has gone insane and suicidal. We can figure out what to do, but then we don’t do it. The energy spent doing this plan and discussing it as a grassroots offering can feel wasted from the outset. Has any of this plan’s assessment and policy proposals any chance at all of being discussed at a cabinet meeting in the White House in the near future?
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