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Mission and Approach

The Climate Mobilization is a new, volunteer-powered organization. Our mission is to protect civilization and the natural world from catastrophic climate disruption. We are dedicated to living in climate truth, and believe that working to solve the climate crisis is everyone's responsibility.

Dozens of leading environmental analysts have determined that the only way to save civilization from climate change is with a wartime-style mobilization, akin to the American home-front effort during World War II. (See The Case for Mobilization for an in-depth explanation of this WWII metaphor.) This stark appraisal lies at the heart of this project. 

In that sense, The Climate Mobilization is a single-issue campaign. We demand a WWII-scale mobilization to restore a safe climate. Another way to think of us is as a "Social Movement Startup."

To this end, we offer all Americans the Pledge to Mobilize, a tool intended to help you intervene in collective denial and call forth the all-out emergency response needed to protect civilization and the natural world.

In 2013, Margaret Klein Salamon, the Climate Mobilization’s founder and director, developed our basic strategic approach—the Pledge to Mobilize—with a growing network of  allies. We developed the Pledge, built our website, and launched in September, 2014 at the People’s Climate March in New York City.

We work hard to enlist the considerable skills and dedication of Pledge-signers — or “Mobilizers” — in this effort. We offer recruitment materials, outreach training sessions, lively community discussion on Facebook, and conference calls. We will introduce a formal public organizing campaign in coming months, as we continue to refine our social movement strategy.


Legal and Financial Status

We are incorporated as a non-profit, and operate as a 501c(4). We are not pursuing 501c(3) status because we endorse political candidates who sign the Pledge to Mobilize (though we are very interested in finding a 501c(3) to act as a fiscal sponsor, so that we can accept tax-deductible donations). Our Board of Directors consists of our four co-founders, Margaret Klein Salamon, Ezra Silk, Ryan Brill, and Ashik Siddique. Our bylaws are available here

To date, the bulk of our expenses have gone toward producing this website. Our budget has been funded entirely through donations and loans from Mobilizers, our friends and family, and supporters. We have not received any financial support from foundations, the government, or any corporation or political party. Contributions from board members to date are approximately $16,000, including $6,000 of loans. We have held two fundraisers, one before we launched and one after, raising approximately $21,500 when combined.

We hope to hire several full and part-time employees this year. This would allow our most dedicated members, many of whom work for the Climate Mobilization as their “second shift,” to work full-time on this campaign.


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