On Sunday 6/14, we and many allies coordinated the first ever National Climate Mobilization Day!

Hundreds of people gathered all over the United States, and in Mexico, to call for the urgent WWII-scale national mobilization we need to prevent catastrophic climate disruption, reduce global net greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2030, and secure a clean energy future for us all. 

Here's a press release about the 6/14 national day of action, and an update about how it went.

If you participated in a Mobilization event, be sure to send us your photos and videos if you haven't yet!

This is the first round of many Mobilization Actions to come. For more info, explore The Climate Mobilization website, and consider taking the Pledge to Mobilize and mobilizing yourself! 

Need ideas for future Mobilization events in your community? Check out our action pages, with materials and step-by-step guides, explore the other events below, or come up with your own action ideas!