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Trump Supporters Get Aggressive with Climate Change Activists at Waterloo Speech

Trump Urges Fans to “Be Nonviolent” Oct. 8, 2015 WATERLOO - A group of Iowans dressed as Rosie the Riveter interrupted Donald Trump’s campaign speech at the Electric Park Ballroom on Wednesday to protest his silence on climate change, with calls to “Mobilize Now!” and take “Climate Action Now!” The 7-member team was there on behalf of The Climate Mobilization, a national campaign calling on the United States to bring net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025 and restore a safe climate for humanity through a World War II-scale mobilization of the economy.  Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Considers Pledge to Mobilize!

Ed Fallon talks with Hillary Clinton, reminding her of her 2007 call for the United States to meet the challenge of climate change as it is "our home front mobilization during WWII". Ed offers Hillary the Pledge, and she appears interested and engaged, and takes it for further consideration. Continue reading

Will Bernie Sanders Pledge to Mobilize?

On September 3rd Bernie Sanders was asked about the Pledge to Mobilize at 2 different events.  

Rally in Davenport!

From the Quad-City Times: Quad-Citians should mobilize against climate change, according to a group of  activists who rallied Tuesday in LeClaire Park, Davenport.   Continue reading

“Rosie the Riveters” to Republican Candidates: Climate Change is the Greatest Threat to America Since 1940’s Fascism.

September 19th, 2015. Des Moines, Iowa – Days after Yale historian Timothy Snyder warned in The New York Times that a climate change-induced “ecological panic” could provoke the next Holocaust, a group of “Rosie the Riveters” called on the Republican presidential candidates attending the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Annual Candidate Forum Saturday to respond to the climate crisis with a World War II-scale emergency mobilization of the American economy. Continue reading

O'Malley on Climate Action

Ed Fallon questions O'Malley's timeline for moving to renewables.

Mobilize Iowa: Progress Report

Allies! Thanks to the contributions of generous and dedicated mobilizers to date (over $8,000 from Indiegogo, and an independent donation of $17,000), organizer Ed Fallon has been campaigning for a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization across Iowa since late July. We are thrilled with his work so far.    Continue reading