Mobilize Iowa: Progress Report

Allies! Thanks to the contributions of generous and dedicated mobilizers to date (over $8,000 from Indiegogo, and an independent donation of $17,000), organizer Ed Fallon has been campaigning for a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization across Iowa since late July. We are thrilled with his work so far. 


Ed has spent much of his time attending events such as the Iowa State Fair and speaking with the 2016 presidential candidates about the Pledge to Mobilize. Now, he is increasingly shifting his energy toward building a statewide Mobilization movement and planning newsworthy demonstrations at presidential campaign events.      

The campaign is off to a terrific start. Ed and his team have given the Pledge to Mobilize to 176 Iowans, attended 21 candidate events, and interacted with eight of the presidential candidates on 14 different occasions. You can see some of those interactions here

Although no candidates have signed the Pledge yet, Ed has met one-on-one with Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Political Director Blair Lawton, as well as Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Political Director Matt Paul, to discuss the Pledge and the need for a Climate Mobilization.

According to Ed, Clinton’s state director “seemed genuinely favorable about the possibility that she could support the Pledge.” We'll believe that when we see it, but we are glad to be introducing Hillary and her campaign team to The Climate Mobilization's demands!

Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee are also scheduled to appear on Ed’s weekly radio show, The Fallon Forum.

On Monday, Ed spoke about the need for a Climate Mobilization with Bishop Richard Pates, who wrote a powerful op-ed in the Des Moines Register about “Laudato Si” that received national attention (listen here). Last week, Ezra Silk spoke on Ed's show about Bernie Sanders’ climate message and the need for an emergency mobilization that drives the U.S. to zero emissions at wartime speed. 

Ed has also given the Pledge to distinguished Iowa figures such as State Rep. Dan Kelley, former State Sen. Beverly Hannon, and Rev. Abraham L. Funchess, Jr., the former Director of the Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans.

As our Mobilize Iowa Indiegogo fundraiser comes to a close, please consider donating through our website so we can fund Ed’s work through the end of the Iowa Caucuses while also supporting other major initiatives such as The Moral Mobilization

Including independent donations, we have already raised $25,476 of our $35,000 goal to date. Anything that you and other can contribute will help us see these campaigns through until February 2016. 

In the coming weeks, Ed will increasingly transition toward movement building, with a goal of recruiting 1,000 Iowans to sign the Pledge to Mobilize. He will train volunteers across the state to ask candidates whether they will sign the Pledge. The goal is to intervene in 70 total candidate events before the caucuses.

We are very excited to have Ed on board, and we have great hopes about his upcoming efforts. He is clearly a respected state-level figure with deep experience, and we are confident that The Climate Mobilization’s Iowa campaign is in good hands.


Please consider donating, so we can continue building the movement – in Iowa and beyond – for a WWII-scale climate mobilization to save our civilization from climate disaster. 

Thank you!


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