Letter to Other Climate or Environmental Organizations

This is a letter that can be customized and sent to other environmental or climate organizations. (Text below, or download a Doc X here)

The basic message is, "The Pledge to Mobilize is a tool that can help your organization achieve its goals, let me know if you want to take it!"

It is fine to send to groups or group leaders in your area, or e-mail list-serves of environmental groups.

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page, letting us know where you sent this letter, and what type of responses you received.   Thank you!


Dear (insert leader name) and (insert organization name):

            [Introduce yourself and relationship to organization. I.e., “Hello, I’m ­­­___, a member/ supporter/admirer of your organization, and a____ (occupation/ role in family/etc) living in _____ (especially if you live in the same area as the group operates.)"]

            It’s hard to stay optimistic in the battle against global climate change. Every day we hear news reports or read headlines painting an increasingly bleak, threatening picture of the future. And yet the vast majority of Americans seem either unaware of or unconcerned about the catastrophe we are careening toward.

            But I write with exciting news. There is a new tool available for fighting denial and calling forth and organizing the large-scale emergency response that's necessary to restore a climate that is once again safe, stable and supportive of human civilization. That tool is the Pledge to Mobilize, a one-page document that any American can sign. It is a political platform that publicly acknowledges climate change is a threat to civilization; demands a climate mobilization on the scale of World War II to transform the economy to bring the United States to carbon neutrality by 2025, while creating full employment; and makes reducing global emissions to net zero at wartime speed our top foreign policy priority.

            The Pledge is also a social movement strategy, designed to fight denial and build political power. When someone signs the Pledge to Mobilize, they agree to vote for candidates on the local, state, and national level who have signed the Pledge over those who have not, to donate time and money exclusively to candidates who have signed the Pledge, and most importantly, to spread the truth of climate change, and the Pledge itself, to others.

            The Pledge was designed by a clinical psychologist to confront individual and collective passivity in the face of this great crisis. Climate change is often treated as an unmentionable topic; but the Pledge to Mobilize gets people talking about it with their friends, family, colleagues and networks in a goal-oriented (rather than helpless) way. The Pledge strikes at the heart of the tendency to feel overwhelmed by climate change, allowing ourselves to become passive bystanders. The Pledge to Mobilize gives individuals a route to effective advocacy. Since spreading the Pledge less than four months ago, we have seen impressive results in the ability of the Pledge to mobilize people who were previously disengaged, and to spur the already engaged to ever greater feats of activism.

            Indeed, one of the main questions we get as an organization is, “What more can I do?” When people confront the reality of climate change, and start to view themselves as efficacious actors, they get hungry for ways to engage. This is why I believe our organizations could find an excellent synergy with each other. I believe you would find members newly energized if your organization decided to spread the Pledge to Mobilize in your meetings. The Pledge offers a promising route to engage new members and you would also be helping spread the truth of climate change, and the need for a WWII-scale mobilization far and wide.

            If you are interested in learning more: check out the slideshow at the top of our website, or for a deeper dive, read our strategy document Rising to the Challenge of Our Time, TogetherOr, take the Pledge to Mobilize and join us!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to sign the Pledge to Mobilize! 

Your ally,





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