Original Pledgers' Conference Call

Pledge to Mobilize via conference call!

Seeking non-stock-image humans who are ready to Pledge to Mobilize.

In order to get the Pledge circulating quickly — and to meet the demand of people who have heard about it and are eager to take it — we need to get more people Pledged to Mobilize! In order to meet that need, I will be hosting two calls over the next few days in which the Pledge to Mobilize will be given.

If you have already reviewed the Pledge to Mobilize and are ready to take it, please join one of the calls!

The first call will be held tomorrow, Sunday 9/14, at 7:00pm EST. The other one will be on Tuesday 9/16, at 9:30pm EST.

As you know, taking the Pledge is a big deal! Make sure you are ready to make the commitments that the Pledge details: voting for candidates who have signed over those who have not, exclusively donating time and money to political candidates who have signed the Pledge, and most importantly: spreading the Pledge to Mobilize to others!

Also, since giving the Pledge involves a relationship of accountability, I would like to only give the Pledge to people I know or have spoken with previously. If you want to take the Pledge on one of these calls, but don't know me yet, please send me an email to tell me about yourself beforehand: Margaret@TheClimateMobilization.org.

Please RSVP on Facebook if you would like to join either call:

Sunday 7:00 PM EST call
Tuesday 9:30 PM EST call

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