Our New Year's Resolution? Protect Civilization and the Natural World.

Happy New Year, my friends and allies.

2015 is a grave hour, a year of tremendous importance to our species. Time is running out; we are nearing the end of our ability to decisively impact our fate. Together, we will make 2015 the year that Americans wake up, en masse, to the climate crisis and the need for a mobilization.

Failure is not an option, the stakes are just too high.  We will use the Pledge to Mobilize, the Mobilization Petition, and any other tools we can think of to spread climate truth and call forth the WWII-scale climate mobilization we desperately need.

There are so many encouraging signs and events—the People's Climate March just a few months ago, the recent U.S.-China agreement to peak greenhouse gas pollution, the Pope Francis's upcoming encyclical that will hopefully instruct all (1.2 billion) Catholics to take urgent action on climate change.

Further, The Climate Mobilization was launched less than 4 months ago. I am so proud of our progress thus far as a volunteer organization, long on passion, dedication, and ideas (but short on funds).

Some ways that you can join these efforts:

Sign the Mobilization Petition.
Speak with a Mobilizer to take the Pledge to Mobilize.
Donate to our Victory Fund—this is your last chance to donate before our fundraiser ends tonight, 1/1/15.

It is an honor to work with all of you, and I am so excited about what we can achieve this year.

Sincere thanks from your grateful allies,

The Climate Mobilization

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