Paul Gilding Joins Climate Mobilization Advisory Board

We're happy to announce that Paul Gilding has joined The Climate Mobilization's advisory board!

Paul is a former executive director of Greenpeace International, an entrepreneur and sustainability leader, and a writer with remarkable foresight.

His 2011 book "The Great Disruption" is one of The Climate Mobilization's major inspirations, explaining that we're already living in a global climate emergency, but detailing how we can still veer away from civilizational collapse by transforming into a sustainable society.

While being starkly honest about the crises we face, he manages to be optimistic that humanity will rise to the challenge. As Bill McKibben blurbed it, "If you’re planning to stick around for the 21st century, this might be a useful book to consult.”

His 2012 TED talk, "The earth is full", was widely viewed, and the book's message made it to the New York Times op-ed page and CNN.

In "The Great Disruption," Paul predicts that by 2018 (give or take two years), accelerating environmental and economic crises will become so disruptive that leading nations will launch a wartime-scale mobilization to rapidly transform our economy, upending "business-as-usual" to phase out fossil fuels, unleash the potential of clean energy, and shift from consumerism to sustainability. As in World War II, Americans and others will have delayed action for as long as possible — but will mobilize completely once it's clear that there are no other options.  

That scale of action seems difficult to imagine today, but Paul makes a strong case that trends are already converging to make it possible. 

We know that a WWII-scale mobilization against climate change won't just happen — it'll take a massive effort to build the societal and political will that makes it possible, with citizens from all walks of life taking action and making the case in their communities. 

We hope to accelerate that effort as quickly as necessary with the Pledge to Mobilize. Our aim has been to follow Paul's lead, with stark honesty about our situation, clarity about the large-scale solution we need, and hope that it's not just possible — it's the only realistic way to save our civilization.

So we're excited to have his endorsement!

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