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Preparation & Planning

1. Familiarize yourself with TCM’s Materials. Look over the Presentation and Script (coming soon!Read The  Case for Mobilization  and The Transformative Power of Climate Truth to further deepen your understanding.


2. Assess Your Current Comfort & Skill Level: Will you be able to give that presentation persuasively and confidently? If not, consider starting with a home discussion or home presentation first. Consider: would it be helpful to work on this with a partner? You can find one or The Climate Mobilization can try to match you with another Mobilizer.

3. Reach out to Allied Groups in your Area. Tell them that you are Planning to give a Mobilization Presentation. Ask if They Want to be Involved. Remember to reach out to your local: 350, CCL, Sierra Club, All local political parties (including 3rd parties: Green, Independent, Working Families party etc), labor unions, professional associations, places of worship, campus groups, and anyone else you can think of. They might want to co-sponsor, and be able to give you a location and a great start on an audience! The best way to do this is in-person, by attending their meetings. Though phone or email are also good ways to reach out.

4. Pick a Location: If you didn't find an ally to co-sponsor and host, you will have to provide a location yourself. Think of locations in your town that would be suitable and convenient. Remember: You need a projector or a large screen to give this presentation. Ask yourself: Do I have access to a location through work, school, or other community involvement?  Where do other local groups meet? (Browsing can give you information about this.) Look into your local public library, university, church or city hall for starters. Search online. Call your town or city clerk for recommendations if you can’t find anything. Reserve the location ahead of time.

5. Let us know what you are planning. Fill out this quick planning form and TCM central will get in touch to discuss ways that we can help your presentation succeed!

 6. Publish the Event Online  on TheClimateMobilization page and on Facebook. (You have to gave Control Panel access to do this. If you DO have control panel access, use these directions. If you don't have Control Panel access, contact TCM and we will make an event for you. 

7. Prepare to give Your Presentation: If you think you are ready to give a presentation, read through “Making the Case” a second time - this time with the knowledge that you may want to use some of the talking points in your presentation. Highlight or mark any points that strike you as especially important. Then read the presentation script and go through the presentation, which is short and not too complicated. Make edits to the presentation to tailor to your audience or region.

Also, be sure to personalize the "My Climate Story" slide. Print out the script, try to commit it to memory, and jot down any additional points you want to make in your talk. You can read from the script, or from note cards, during your talk. 

Practice giving your presentation out loud.  If you need assistance with the presentation, contact your regional point person, or share your concerns and anxieties in the Discourse forum. We can definitely find someone who will listen to you practice and give constructive criticism! For some basic public speaking pointers from Reverend Jack Reich, an Illinois Mobilizer and Point Person, click here.

8. Build an Audience: To make sure you have a crowd, you have to advertise your event! Repeat Step 3 and reach out to all allied groups, inviting them and asking them to invite their membership.  Send out an email to friends or family that you respect and care about. Put up Let them know they are invited to a presentation (or discussion) on the Climate Mobilization you will be holding in 8-14 day. Request that they RSVP. Send out an email 2 days before the event reminding them, and asking for more RSVPs.

Ask attendees  to read or watch some climate materials such as:

 Executing the Presentation : 

1. Give people  10-15-minutes to arrive. As people arrive, give them copies of the Pledge with a flyer on the back. Then, when you are ready, Ask people to sit down & mute their cellphones, and deliver your presentation.

2. Take Questions and Offer the Pledge After either the discussion or the presentation, allow time for some questions. Then ask if anyone wants to take the Pledge. If you want, you can read the Pledge together standing up with those who decide to take it. One person can read one line, another person can read the next, and so on. Some people find this method powerful and moving - others find it uncomfortable. Another possibility is for you, the host, to read through it yourself. Or to just ask Pledgers to read it quietly. Make sure anyone who signs the Pledge (or anyone who wants more information)  gives you their information in the Sign up Sheet.

3. Take a video if you can. Or make an audio recording. Taking pictures with your audience, and/or of people taking the Pledge is a good idea. 


Follow Up:  

1. Immediate Pledge Entry and Email Follow-Up: For those who took the Pledge on paper, enter their information following these instructions.

For those who said they wanted more information but did not want to sign the pledge, send them a link to and The Transformative Power of Climate Truth. Tell them you are available for questions.

2. Follow-Up Meeting/Discussion: If you are building a local campaign, invite everyone who signed the sheet - both Pledge signers and more information-seekers - to attend a follow-up Mobilization Meeting. 

3. Report Back on your experience. We are all new to this! Let other Mobilizers learn from your experience by telling us about it on Facebook or submitting this Report Back Form!




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