Let's put a question about Climate Mobilization in the next presidential debate!

We’re living through the hottest year in human history, and yet the first presidential debate didn’t ask any questions at all about climate change. 

While Donald Trump keeps spouting fact-free nonsense about a “hoax,” Hillary Clinton seems satisfied enough just to call him out while campaigning on slightly more ambitious policies than the status quo — even though the Department of Defense is telling Americans that climate change poses immediate risks to national security, and the Democratic Party's national platform now calls for a mobilization against it on the scale of World War II.

Isn’t it finally time for Americans to hear real talk from the highest levels? With your help, we have a shot at breaking the national silence on our climate emergency. 

The Open Debates Coalition is letting the public vote on questions that will be asked in the second presidential debate this Sunday, and the top 30 questions with the most votes online will be considered by ABC and CNN moderators. A few strong climate questions are already in the running to be asked — if they get enough votes.

Can you help push for the reality-based climate discussion we need at the second Presidential debate by voting for each of these questions? Click the link for each question below:

The debate will take place at 9pm ET on Sunday October 9th, and after the first one last month reached a record high of 84 million viewers, tens of millions of people will be watching this one. This is one of the best shots we have for Americans to hear a real debate about the WWII-scale climate mobilization we urgently need to phase out fossil fuels and reach 100% clean energy.

At a time when millions of Americans are evacuating their homes before Hurricane Matthew hits Florida; dealing with record drought in California, the aftermath of devastating floods in Louisiana, and wildfires in the Northwest, and protesting fossil fuel projects in North Dakota and throughout the country; it’s undebatable that climate change should play a central role in the U.S. elections. 

Thank you for helping place it there. Please vote, share widely in your networks, and let’s see how far we can go!


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