Hold a Rally

Rallies are a terrific way to build energy and call attention to the need for WWII-scale Climate Mobilization, and keep pressure on elected officials or candidates. 

Show your elected officials, and your community, that you mean business!

Getting Ready

1. Enlist Allies: Holding a rally is a fantastic way to generate interest in a Climate Mobilization and build momentum if you are organizing a local campaign. Unless it is very small, your rally will likely take a lot of work and planning. Is there someone who you might work with as a partner? Or a small group of friends/ family/ close allies that you might work with?

2. Submit a planning form. Let us know your plans,  so that we can help you! Fill out this quick form and we will be in touch. 

3. Read this Rally Guide: See this guide from MoveOn.org on how to hold a rally. (The Climate Mobilization is not affiliated with MoveOn.org) 



1. Set your goals. How many people do you hope to turn out? What kind of media coverage do you hope to achieve? How many organizations can you get to co-sponsor the rally? How many people will take the Pledge to Mobilize as a result of your efforts? What political impact do you want to have?  

2. Determine your budget. Unfortunately, TCM central is not able to cover march or rally expenses. They can either be self-funded, or you can fundraise (You could utilize crowdfunding, seek march sponsors, or hold a fundraising event. You could also try to find 4 other people to organize the march with you, and all contribute $50)  The main expenses of holding a rally will be printing. Ideally, you would print a banner, flyers, and a large-format version of the Pledge to Mobilize. This would cost a few hundred dollars. 

3. Select a Location and Date Strong locations are Federal in some way. This could be: a Federal Building, a Congress person's office, even a post office. A city hall or State capital could also be effective locations. If an elected leader or political candidate is having a campaign event in your area, this could be a great opportunity to hold a rally. Other factors to consider are the amount of public space available (where will people stand and sit?) Is there a platform from which to make speeches? Is there a place (or places) where you can publicly post the Pledge? 

4. Start to Plan your Program Who will give speeches? Will there be a public Pledging? Will there be music? Where will you publicly post the Pledge? 

5. Inform police of your plans. The first amendment protects public speech, so you should not need to seek a permit. It should be sufficient merely to inform local law enforcement of you plans and how many attendees you are expecting. 



1. Create an Event Page Online on TheClimateMobilization.org, Facebook, Meetup, and anyplace else where it might reach people.  Please choose a name for your event that includes the words "Climate" and "Mobilization" i.e., "Austin Rally for Climate Mobilization" or  (You have to gave Control Panel access to publish this on TCM.org. If you DO have control panel access, use these directions. If you don't have Control Panel access, contact info@theclimatemobilization.org and we will make an event for you.) Note: You can connect the event on The Climate Mobilization to the Facebook event and Meetup event, so that RSVPs all come to one place. 

2. Seek co-sponsors! The most effective way to grow your size is by inviting other organizations to co-sponsor the organization. Remember to reach out to your local: 350, CCL, Sierra Club, All local political parties (including 3rd parties: Green, Independent, Working Families party etc),labor unions, professional associations, places of worship, campus groups, and anyone else you can think of.The best way to do this is in-person, by attending their meetings. Though phone or email are also good ways to reach out. Ask if they want to take the Pledge as individuals, or formally endorse/ adopt the demands of the Pledge  As long as they are OK with advocating the demands of the Pledge to Mobilize, they can be co-sponsors. (But do not compromise on the demands of the Pledge or hold a general "climate action!" rally.) 

3. Get the word out! This is generally the most time and effort-intensive part of holding a rally. Get your rally listed on local Events calendars. Try to get an announcement on as many organizations "List Serves" as possible   In-person recruiting is very effective. Good places to recruit are: other organization's events, farmer's markets, religious services, on campuses. Invite your friends and family! 

4. Hold preparation events A "sign making" event a week or few days before the event is a great way to insure that people will come with signs. Or preparation meetings with cosponsors/ people who are taking on leadership roles in organizing. 

5. Plan to record it. Put someone (or multiple people)  in charge of photography and videography. 

6. Invite Media to cover the event. Put out a press release about what you are doing. Be available for interviews and questions. 


Executing your Rally (Good luck!)

1. Arrive early. Wearing a TCM T shirt makes you recognizable. 

2. Gather Contact Information from attendees using the "Sign Up" form. 

3. Take lots of pictures and video!


After your rally:

1. Send pics and video  to TCM so we can publish them.

2. Follow up with people who gave you contact info. Offer them the Pledge and invite them to a follow-up event to keep the momentum going.

3. Enter the Pledges you gathered into the system. Here are illustrated instructions.

4. Report Back. We are all new to this! Tell us about your event on Facebook, or fill out this Report Back form!





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