San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition

San_Diego_TCM_Rally.jpgThe San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition organizes to build political will for an immediate WWII-scale mobilization to restore a safe & stable climate. In particular, it calls on citizens, community leaders and politicians to sign the Pledge to Mobilize, which demands a zero emissions America by 2025, full employment, and a massive effort to draw down excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Past events have included a marches to city hall and a Paul Revere style midnight ride to demand mobilization.

To get involved, contact Derek Casady at

Nancy and Derek Casady have led the entire TCM organization in terms of organizing public actions. Nancy is the General Manager of the Ocean Beach Organic Food Co-op, while Derek is a retired copy editor at the Los Angeles Times, retired associate editor of Psychology Today magazine, and retired administrative assistant to the President pro tempore of the California Senate. He is the president of the La Jolla Democratic Club, which endorsed a resolution calling for a climate mobilization. Nancy and Derek have five children and four grandchildren.

We are the San Diego chapter of The Climate Mobilization.

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