Bernie: Champion a WWII-scale Mobilization to Restore a Safe & Stable Climate!

The Climate Mobilization is a grassroots organization dedicated to initiating a WWII-scale mobilization that protects civilization and the natural world from the onrushing climate catastrophe. At the Iowa Climate Emergency Caucus we held on Jan. 29, Senator Bernie Sanders was chosen in landslide (with 67 percent of the vote) as the best presidential candidate to tackle the climate emergency.[1] Many of our members also strongly support Senator Sanders and encouraged us to write a petition calling on him to champion a WWII-scale climate mobilization.  

Update: 3.14.16, Senator Sanders used the metaphor of a WWII-scale Climate Mobilization at a town hall! Thank you Senator--- this is a terrific step forward. We hope that Sanders moves his actual plan to a WWII-scale advocacy, and also recognizes that emissions must be eliminated and not reduced at emergency speed.

Senator Sanders,

Your presidential campaign has transformed the public discussion of the American economy and mobilized an entire generation to save the middle class and our democracy.

Your statements and actions, including your opposition to fracking, indicate that you understand the gravity of the global climate emergency. For those reasons, among many others, we believe you are prepared to shoulder the monumental task of rapidly transforming America in order to avert a climate catastrophe.

While we are very excited by your candidacy for president, we are writing to ask you to strengthen your climate advocacy. Your “People Before Polluters” climate plan is very strong in the context of contemporary politics. Unfortunately, it is not powerful or fast enough to protect us from the accelerating climate disaster.

Your emissions reduction timeline — reducing our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050 — is too slow to protect the American people and the people of the world from climate chaos. In February, a leading climate scientist and advisor to Pope Francis warned that the poorest 3 billion people on the planet would suffer from “major disasters” in the next ten to fifteen years if we do not take “drastic” actions immediately.[2] Further, your plan relies too heavily on a modest, gradually rising carbon tax, which cannot accomplish the heavy lifting needed to transform our economy to net zero greenhouse gas emissions at the speed required to avert collapse.

The truth is that we have already warmed the earth too much, there is no “carbon budget” left to burn, and we have years – not decades – left to drive the economy to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.[3] We ask that you embrace the growing consensus among leading climate policy experts that America must enlist in a global, WWII-scale mobilization to restore a safe and stable climate.

A growing number of world-renowned climate analysts and environmental leaders, including Lester Brown, George Woodwell, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Yeb Saño, David Suzuki, Mark Ruffalo, and Winona LaDuke, agree that we must build a net zero greenhouse gas emissions U.S. economy by 2025 – which could very well be the end of your second term.[4]

This will require regulations that compel a scheduled, permanent phase-out of all fossil fuel power stations and fossil fuel transportation infrastructure – as well as all fossil fuel exploration, mining, and processing operations – by 2025.

It will also require a full-employment, government-led mobilization to convert the entire economy to net zero greenhouse gas emissions – including the energy, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, building, and transportation sectors. Since we have already overshot the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we must also invest in a massive global drawdown effort that safely removes the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that has accumulated since the Industrial Revolution.

Undoubtedly, like the all-hands-on-deck American home front mobilization of the 1940s, the Climate Mobilization we need will require hard work and shared sacrifice. But this time around, we’ll need to do a much better job welcoming refugees and protecting all Americans’ civil liberties.

In recent months, you have generated immense goodwill from the American people with your steadfast advocacy for a fair economy. We urge you to sign the Pledge to Mobilize (full text here) and to champion a WWII-scale climate mobilization that can save millions of species and billions of innocent people from extermination.

Thank you for giving so many of us hope for a future we can all believe in,


Kat Baumgartner, Organizer, Bernie Sanders for President 2016

Ryan Brill, Co-Founder, The Climate Mobilization

Derek Casady, President, La Jolla Democratic Club; Founder, San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition

Nancy Casady, General Manager, Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market

Rebecca Claassen, Co-Founder, 350 Santa Barbara

John Davis, Iowa Climate Advocate, Bernie Sanders for President 2016

John Ellis, Founder,

Grace Feldmann, Founder & Lead Organizer, Santa Barbara County for Bernie 2016

John Foran, Professor of Sociology, University of California Santa Barbara; Co-Director, The International Institute of Climate Action and Theory

Mary Lupien, Delegate, 25th Congressional District of New York; Steering Committee Member, Monroe County for Bernie Sanders

Abigail McHugh-Grifa, Ph.D., Founder & Lead Organizer, Rochester Climate Action

Per K. Hoel, Co-Founder, Santa Barbara County for Bernie 2016

Michael Hoexter, Research Scholar, Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

Patrick Mazza, Sustainable Solutions Co-Facilitator, 350 Seattle; Member, Delta 5 Direct Action Team

Susan Hughes-Smith, Leadership Team member, Rochester People’s Climate Coalition

Margaret Klein Salamon, Founder & Executive Director, The Climate Mobilization

Ashik Siddique, Co-Founder, The Climate Mobilization

Ezra Silk, Co-Founder & Deputy Director, The Climate Mobilization

Philip Sutton, Co-Author, “Climate Code Red” (2008); Strategist, RSTI

Dr. Alina Valdes (D), Congressional Candidate, Florida CD-25; Proud Progressive & Bernie Sanders Endorser

[1] Leber, R. “Bernie Sanders might want to thank climate change voters if he wins tonight,” The New Republic. Feb. 1, 2015.

[2] Smith, J. “Eminent climate change scientist courts religion,” San Diego Union Tribune. Feb 24, 2016.

[3] Spratt, D. “Recount: It’s Time to ‘Do the Math’ Again.” Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration. April 22, 2015.


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    I represent Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice.

    Mary Shesgreen
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    I #FeeltheBern, but his climate plan is too slow. Bernie: Champion a WWII-scale mobilization to zero emissions by 2025!
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    Thank you for taking up this worthy cause; this planet is our only home, for humans and the rich flora and fauna that Earth supports. We need all hands on deck to ensure Earth thrives and is not destroyed by myopic policies for the economic gains of the few.
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    We need to do everything possible about our planet.
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    I #FeeltheBern, but his climate plan is too slow. Bernie: Champion a WWII-scale mobilization to zero emissions by 2025!
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    WWII-scale mobilization is necessary and it provides lots of jobs and cooperation.
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    I fully support this petition i am signing. this is the future. it’s what the people need!
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    Gina Brucato
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    I #FeeltheBern, but his climate plan is too slow. Bernie: Champion a WWII-scale mobilization to zero emissions by 2025!
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    Climate change is THE defining issue of our time. How we address it will shape the lives of future generations. I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to finding and funding solutions. I hope you’ll join me.
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    I #FeeltheBern, but his climate plan is too slow. Bernie: Champion a WWII-scale mobilization to zero emissions by 2025!
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    Senator Sanders, Thank you so very much for your vision and Leadership for so many years, fighting for the most important causes in our nation & around the world… Thank you for bringing the issue of climate change to the fourfront of our awareness, and pressing others in leadership positions to face the urgency of addressing it. I hope you will lend your support to this Climate Mobilization endeavor & that you will continue to play a prominent role in inspiring, empowering and mobilizing “We the People” to commit ourselves to “doing the work” that will be required to bring about revolutionary, transformational change – a paradigm shift in how we as humans take responsibility for one another and for the planet upon whom our life depends.

    Thank you again for dedicating your life to what is most important, for being a role model of integrity, and demonstrating what true leadership really looks likes!

    Sharon Erb
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