Mayoral Candidate Amy Farah Weiss: Will Ed Lee Join Me and Pledge to Mobilize Against Climate Disaster?

Mayoral Candidate Amy Farah Weiss: Will Ed Lee join Me and Pledge to Mobilize against climate disaster?

Monday, June 29, 2015
Kat Baumgartner
(831) 419-7822

In a public ceremony at the Civic Center on Wednesday, July 1st at 2:00 p.m., Amy Farah Weiss will become the first San Francisco mayoral candidate to take The Climate Mobilization’s Pledge to Mobilize. The Pledge to Mobilize recognizes that climate change threatens to cause the collapse of civilization, and demands that the US government commence a World War II-scale mobilization that eliminates net national greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. 

“I am excited to bring the Pledge to Mobilize to the San Francisco 2015 elections,” Farah Weiss said. “I am excited to bring the Pledge to Mobilize to the San Francisco 2015 elections. Ed Lee talks about climate change, but stalled the implementation of San Francisco's CleanPowerSF program for over two years. Let's elect a city government that will lead the country on the climate crisis!"

When citizens take this Pledge, they agree to support political candidates who have Pledged to Mobilize, at every electoral level, and to spread the Pledge to others. When political candidates or elected leaders take the Pledge to Mobilize, they commit to advocating publicly for mobilization, introducing legislation that will help commence a mobilization, and working with people from all parties to initiate the mobilization.

“The Pledge is an organizing tool, as well as a political platform—it allows those of us who understand that climate change is an existential threat to demand the massive changes we need from our elected leaders,” says Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, the Founder and Director of The Climate Mobilization.

By Pledging to Mobilize, Amy Farah Weiss joins more than 1600 Americans, including Ralph Nader, Marshall Saunders (the founder of Citizens' Climate Lobby), former Congressman Jim Bates (D-CA), and Florida Congressional candidate Alina Valdes. Bay Area Mobilizers will attend the ceremony to support Amy, other candidates or elected officials who choose to join her, and challenge Ed Lee and others to get mobilized on climate. "We need to treat climate change like the emergency it is. Only a WWII- scale climate mobilization will accomplish that, so that is what we are demanding," says Kat Baumgartner, a former firefighter and dedicated Climate Mobilizer who is organizing the 7/1 event.

While Ed Lee, as well as every SF elected official and many candidates for local office have been invited, and many have expressed cautious interest, only Ms. Weiss has thus far answered the call.  “Ed Lee says he cares about climate change, but will he make this public commitment?” Ms. Weiss asks. Ms. Weiss is campaigning on a YIMBY platform—“Yes in My Back Yard,” that advocates greater citizen participation in the political process. 

Will Ed Lee join Amy Farah Weiss, and pledge to build an economic mobilization on the scale necessary to save San Francisco from the threat of climate catastrophe? 

Please join us on Wednesday to find out.


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