The Pledge To Mobilize

The climate crisis is causing immense human suffering and damage to the natural world. It threatens to destroy civilization and kill billions of people. Overcoming the climate emergency is the great moral imperative of our time.


  1. Commence a World War II-scale mobilization to restore a safe climate.

  2. End all greenhouse gas emissions within a decade and fund an effort to remove all excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

  3. Enlist the American people in a just mobilization that rebuilds our democracy and ensures good jobs, healthcare, and dignity for all.

I pledge to organize with others to spread the truth of the climate crisis and build the power necessary to start the climate mobilization.


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    Together we can find ways to fight climate deniers and mitigate the effects of climate change.
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    Earth is being spoiled in a way that it will not allow our children to live as are now living . We must become sustainable and we can. Cooling the planet is the highest priority. Replacing fossil fuel with green energy will slow the warming but not stop it. It will leave resources in the ground for high value uses in the future. We can cool the planet now faster than greenhouse gases are warming it. Regenerative agriculture is the key. Build soil as we farm and use our land. Never allow any bare soil. Roll back the deserts and drylands through planting and grazing. An overview given by Peter Bane can be heard here:
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    It is our generations responsibility to rise up and protect the endangered EARTH, the only habitable planet , beyond physical / geographical borders .
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    I am pushing myself to de-politicize my approach to Climate Risk, because the risk is too great to get entangled. We need to act NOW to lower the risk to our economy, jobs, health, oceans, and more. We can act NOW by pushing Congress to act NOW. I am a Republican who believes it is best to act wisely. Any delay is foolish and dangerous.
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    Timothy L Lange
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    This is my first encounter with a sensible, appropriate response to our current situation. How may I be of service?
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    Being in a state that is part (and leader) in the United States Climate Alliance, (12 states (incl. 2 Republican) with 35.9% of the US population and 30.6 of the GDP, but only 18.2% of the emissions, and another 10 states posing to join (5 Republican), we can’t change the Federal Government for at least 2 years, so we have to focus on the state level and bi and multilateral agreements between them (and the Paris accords).

    As for the rest, they will have to make it up later when there is a wave of rationality sweeps through, hopefully before another Sandy sweeping through.
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    I recruited myself and I URGE YOU ALL TO watch “COWSPIRACY” and to STOP EATING at least BEEF which is very bad for the planet!!!

    Also please think of a way to stop or put BIG FINES on meat producers!


    Mariana and boys ;-)
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    Clara Sims
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    Let us all join hands to protect mother earth.
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    Our future is looking darker and darker. We may already be past the tipping point, yet we continue to make horrible decisions for the sake of greed and nationalism. We are asleep at the wheel, or worse maybe, we are not asleep but don’t care.
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