The Pledge To Mobilize

Climate change is causing immense human suffering and damage to the natural world. It threatens the collapse of civilization within this century. Confronting this crisis is the great moral imperative of our time.


  1. Immediately commence a social and economic mobilization to restore a climate that is safe, stable, and supportive of human civilization. This heroic campaign shall be carried out on the scale of the American World War II home front mobilization, and will require hard work and shared sacrifice from all Americans.

  2. Reduce our country’s net greenhouse gas emissions 100 percent by 2025 and implement far-reaching measures to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

  3. Enlist tens of millions of Americans in efforts to rapidly expand our carbon-neutral energy and agricultural systems, conduct groundbreaking research, and implement large-scale adaptation measures. As in WWII, full employment will be achieved.

  4. Conduct this mobilization in accordance with the Constitution and ensure that the essential needs of the civilian economy are met during this time of transition.

  5. Establish the following imperatives as our nation’s top foreign policy priorities: A 100 percent reduction of global net greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed, and the deployment of comprehensive measures that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere until a safe climate is restored.

I will enlist Americans from all walks of life in this campaign. If sitting politicians fail to mobilize, we will elect leaders with the courage and foresight to enact these demands.


  1. Vote for candidates — on every electoral level — who have signed the Pledge to Mobilize over those who have not.

  2. Devote time, money, or both to elected officials and candidates who have signed the Pledge.

  3. Mobilize my skills, resources, and networks to spread the truth of climate change and the hope of this movement to others. When I spread the Pledge to Mobilize, I will do so with respect, truth, focus and courage. 

Thus I pledge to mobilize, in defense of civilization and the natural world. 


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    Sean Astins
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    Ronald Callahan
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    Yes, this is THE issue. The ONLY issue that really counts, NOW. Thanks Obama.
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    With the caveat that such mobilization is done in the same vein of responsibility to protecting the earth and avoiding the creation and/or maintaining of environmental social justice problems.
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    Benjamin Carpenter
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    In a word, wow!

    I have been waiting.

    I need a real job.

    I’m in Canada.

    I hope you can help a person like me.

    I know I can help an organization like yours.

    All I need is an open window to prove it.

    I have some experience.

    None of this rhymes which in marketing matters.

    Ask me to and I’ll show my poet.
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    Jonathan Wahl
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    While the economic absurdity of trying to produce so much excess fossil fuel that they can’t recover the ever increasing cost of extracting unconventional, tight, fossil fuels as the oversupply reduces the prices unsustainably (without absurd subsidies and such devices as the Oil Depletion Allowance) may be the real negative impact on Trump’s fantasy/magical thinking. The unrecoverable cost also means they allow much more natural gas to be flared off or leaked for simple lack of adequate piping to keep from wasting it as they also greatly increase the environmental consequences in Green House Gasses and damage to water sheds.

    What if this was similarly gross over production of corn or beef that would drop the prices below production costs (and in the case of beef produce harder to manage waste products?
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    Now is the time for concerted action!
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