Week One:

1. “The Great Disruption Letter,” by Paul Gilding

2. “Creating Moments of the Whirlwind: Why Effective Movement Building Demands Both Structure and Momentum,” by Paul Engler and Kai Newkirk

3. “The Class Domination Theory of Power,” by William G. Domhoff

4. “Donald Trump is the First Demagogue of the Anthropocene,” by Robinson Meyer

See forum for discussion


Week Two:

1. "How to Build an Autocracy," by David Frum

2. Excepts from an interview with Hannah Arendt

3. “No Time for Despair,” by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

4. "The Perils of Executive Action," by James Surowiecki 

5. “A Ten Point Plan to Stop Trump and Make Gains in Justice and Equality,” by George Lakey

Extra Credit:

"Trial Balloon for a Coup?" by Jonatan Zunger

and three responses:

Weak and Incompetent Leaders Act Like Strong Leaders,” by Tom Pepinsky

“Trump is no evil genius,” by David Roberts

See forum for discussion

Week 3:

1. "Hitler's World May Not Be So Far Away," by Timothy Snyder

2.  "From a Politics of Hope to a Politics of Heroism," by Fred Branfman

3. "Stop Making Sense, or How to Write in the Age of Trump," by Aleksandar Hemon

4. "Get Beyond Your Friends" by George Lakey

 See forum for discussion

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