TCM's Margaret Klein Salamon on Radio Ecoshock: Mobilize to Save Our Climate!

TCM director Margaret Klein Salamon spoke on the weekly show Radio Ecoshock yesterday, in a 45-minute interview that covered the transformative power of climate truth, why we need a large-scale emergency climate mobilization, and how the Pledge to Mobilize strategy can inspire legitimate hope against our stark reality.

You can listen to the whole thing on SoundCloud:

Radio Ecoshock is syndicated on 87 college, local, and commercial radio stations across the country, and host Alex Smith has been featuring esteemed environmental scientists, authors, and activists on the show for the past 8 years. It's exciting to get the message out where people are already paying close attention to the climate crisis!

Hopefully listeners will hear the compelling case Margaret makes in time to join Mobilization Day actions next weekend, on Sunday 6/14...

Here's an excerpt from Alex's extensive blog post summarizing the interview:

Klein tells us: "If you're not talking about the fact that climate change will cause the collapse of civilization, if we don't take drastic action, I think basically you are bull-shitting people."

Her use of "bull-shit" comes from the piece "On Bullshit" by Philosopher Harry G Frankfurt. It shows how especially in America, and especially in politics, experts recommend avoiding the truth, to communicate instead just some message that works to bring people toward what you want. It's called manipulation, and it's the new method of operation for control by politicians, corporations, and anyone with a cause.

Even phrases like "green jobs" or "clean energy future" may hope to trick people away from the awful truth of climate change, and the much stronger path we need to take, says [Klein Salamon]. Honesty offers us the enormous power of transformative truth. The fact we've gone this far, toward warming the planet, is a sign of wide-spread institutional failure.

"Our institutions are not working. It has to come from us, from the people living in this fateful hour." She's seen this inaction. For example, some have changed jobs, so they have more time for climate activism. They become the kind of fuel for the massive social transformation that we need.

Of course I agree with Margaret: this is the hour. People are either going to answer this threat in reality, or not.  

Read the rest at Ecoshock Radio.

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