Central Operations Team

The Climate Mobilization is powered by all those around the world spreading the mobilization message. The movement is coordinated by a core team of Mobilizers (featured here) and our dedicated local organizers and chapters, a listing of which can be found here.


Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD

Founder and Director. Margaret earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Adelphi University and also holds a BA in social anthropology from Harvard. Though she loved being a therapist, Margaret felt called to apply her psychological and anthropological knowledge to solving climate change. She is the author of the blog The Climate Psychologist.



Ezra Silk

Co-Founder and Director of Policy and Strategy. Ezra was on the verge of completing his first book of reporting, Carnival of Dissent, when he came across Margaret’s writing about the psychology of the climate crisis in the fall of 2013. Having panicked about the dire implications of the climate crisis earlier that year, he was captivated by her plan for a new way forward. He called Margaret, and they commenced discussions on how to develop her idea for a pledge-based movement to fight climate change. A few months later, he sent their rough sketch of a strategy proposal to Ryan Brill and Ashik Siddique, his college roommates. One year, and hundreds of phone calls later, The Climate Mobilization was launched in New York City. Ezra graduated from Wesleyan University in 2010 with a BA in history.



Nicole Leigh Harris, JD 

Deputy Director. Nicole joins TCM from Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Previously, she was a policy analyst with the Innocence Project and law clerk to the Honorable Tony N. Leung in Minnesota. She holds a JD with a concentration in human rights from the University of Minnesota and a BA in French from Arizona State University. 



Ashik Siddique

Co-Founder and Digital Media Director. Ashik studied neuroscience at Wesleyan University, conducted research on post-traumatic stress disorder with combat veterans and on sensory perception, reported for Wired magazine, and hopes for a less traumatic future on a not-so-rapidly-heating planet.



Anya Grenier

Head of Media. Anya holds a BA from Yale College, where she was managing editor of the Yale Daily News. Prior to joining the Climate Mobilization she managed outreach and communications for the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association in Sitka, Alaska.


Gregory Schwedock 
(photo credit Erik McGregor)

Gregory Schwedock

Head of Technology and Organizing Deputy. Greg's interest in science, information technology, complex systems and people have come together in his work at The Climate Mobilization (TCM). He wears different hats from one day or sometimes moment to the next, from developing websites and database management to project management, organizing and political strategizing or leading march chants. After studying physics at Hamilton College, he got his first taste for activism, as many did, during Occupy Wall Street, but he's been involved with emerging nonprofits since high school. It tends to start with a website and goes from there. He previously created ‘Meatlessly’, a site that encourages people to eat less meat.  He's proud to have completed the four year Sustainable Happiness course in Buddhism offered by the Nalanda Institute at the Tibet House. He likes to get active in sports or get lost in the woods when he can.


Brittany Bennett

Development Director. Brittany holds a BS in Engineering Science from Smith College and works as a Transportation Engineer in Denver, Colorado. She has a keen interest in designing sustainable transportation systems that minimize car use. Her enthusiasm for building positive relationships with people passionate about fighting climate change led her to volunteer as Development Director for The Climate Mobilization



Nate Abell

Art Director Nate is a concept artist in the entertainment industry and an entrepreneur living in Madison, Wisconsin.  A lifelong love of nature and more recently the birth of his daughter, Rory, has spurred him into climate awareness and action.



Ryan Brill, MS

Co-Founder, Head of UX and Technology Deputy. Ryan attended Wesleyan University — where he and Ezra Silk were roommates — and graduated in 2010 with a degree in sociology. After working for three years in the tech industry, he matriculated to Carnegie Mellon University to earn a master's in human-computer interaction. He now works as an HCI Engineer and UX Designer at Draper in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Wesley Clark Jr.

Head of Strategic Recruitment.  Wes is an entrepreneur, wind power project manager, consultant, screenwriter, novelist and army veteran currently trying to save human civilization from climate change through the Climate Mobilization movement.  He has been co-hosting The Young Turks since it was a radio show in 2004 and is a regular on TYT Interviews, TYT Old School, and All Star Tuesdays.  


Katie Murphy

Lead Campus Organizer.  Katie holds a BA from Brown University.  She is a Teaching Associate with the Contemplative Studies Initiative at Brown and volunteers for the Arete Project, an alternative education program for young women in rural North Carolina which aims to prepare students for lives of thoughtful leadership and service to humanity. Her current career goals begin and end with fighting the climate catastrophe.


Hannah Mills

Climate Fellow-Organizing Team.  Hannah is a music student living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her work as an organizer with The People's Climate Plan and the fossil fuel divestment movement led her to seek out organizations grappling with climate truth and the immediacy and severity of the climate crisis. She looks forward to connecting with other Canadians looking to mobilize in Canada.


Hao-Li Tai

Climate Fellow. Hao-Li is a mother, long-time social change activist and one of the founders of the Folk Arts-Cultural Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. Her lifelong commitment to caring for the environment and young people led her to TCM and the chance to be “all in for all life”!  She’s hopeful that combating the climate crisis will lead to a more just and equitable world.



Divya Ramesh, MA

Editor. Divya is from India and was a key member of the editorial team of Oxford University Press (OUP), India, for nearly five years. She resigned from OUP as senior editor in early 2015 when she decided to move to the US. She is currently involved in voluntary teaching and editing activities. Her interests include children's education, poverty alleviation, animal welfare, and the environment. Divya holds a master's in historical studies from the University of Madras and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Indira Gandhi National Open University. 




Jay Wilson

Jay considers himself an "old hippie." His parents were trapeze artists who bought their own circus and toured South America. Jay spent his adult life in Australia, working in credit management in the corporate sector for 25 years. Jay left corporate Australia for environmental work after reading the 1987 Brundtland Report, "Our Common Future." He adopted a lifestyle of a "planetary steward" on a 116-acre heavily forested property in the Clarence Valley, New South Wales, Australia. From 2000 to 2015, Jay did pro bono volunteering at the Clarence Environment Center before deciding to return home to the United States in May 2015 to do his best to persuade, cajole, and convince all Americans of the urgency to tackle climate change as a planetary emergency. 



Michael Hoexter, PhD

Michael is a climate and energy policy analyst and marketing consultant for energy efficiency and renewable energy, serving individuals, organizations, governments, and enterprises. In addition to writing for New Economic Perspectives, he blogs about climate change and energy transformations at greenthoughts.us. He has been developing a combined climate/energy and full employment wartime-style mobilization policy framework called “the Pedal-to-the-Metal Plan.” Michael received a PhD in psychology from the University of Michigan and a BA in American studies from Yale University.



Robert Shapiro

Climate Fellow. Founder of CapeVisions, ProcessAnalytica, Meta Software and Meta Information Applications (a Movement collective). Robert was active in the Council for a Livable World, Students for a Democratic Society, Movement for a Democratic Society, Computer People for Peace, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), Science for the People and The New Alchemy Institute. He is currently a member of 350.org and the Town of Wellfleet Energy Committee.