The Transformative Power of Climate Truth: The Climate Mobilization's Manifesto

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The Climate Mobilization (TCM) launched in September, 2014 when we began spreading the Pledge to Mobilize at the People’s Climate March in New York City. Our mission is to initiate a World War II-scale mobilization that protects civilization and the natural world from climate catastrophe by eliminating net U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and restoring a safe climate for humanity.

We believe that the climate movement’s greatest and most underutilized strategic asset is the truth: we are now in a planet-wide climate crisis that threatens civilization and requires an immediate, all-out emergency response. We believe that this mobilization can be achieved only through the valuing and active spreading of climate truth. While we utilize a variety of organizing strategies, The Pledge to Mobilize, a one-page document that any American can sign, is our tool for spreading climate truth and channeling the emotions it inspires into political power. 

More than 3,000 Americans have signed the Pledge to Mobilize. Many are getting very deeply involved. More broadly, we are witnessing the formation of a new segment of the climate movement — call it the “Climate Mobilization Coalition,” a group of scientists, activists, and religious and community leaders who are calling for emergency climate action.

This paper explores the transformative power — and strategic necessity — of climate truth. It explains why we believe our strategy, based around the Pledge to Mobilize, holds the potential for societal transformation on the massive scale that is necessary. This paper also addresses the concerns that the Pledge’s language is too frank and frightening, and that the Pledge should call for a more “realistic,” though inadequate, solution.

Originally published in April, 2015, this essay has been updated multiple times to include The Climate Mobilization’s swift progress, as well as to address broader developments in the climate movement, such as COP 21, and “Laudato Si,” Pope Francis’ Encyclical, which is one of the most profound statements of climate truth ever made. It was most recently updated in the middle of February, 2016. 

A video of Margaret Klein Salamon, the founder and director of TCM, and Ezra Silk, co-founder and deputy director of TCM, discussing many of the concepts in this paper, is available on YouTube:

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  • commented 2016-03-09 13:19:05 -0500
    The truth is, the climate movement is a journey that leads to The Climate Mobilization.
  • commented 2016-02-17 08:49:43 -0500
    Margaret we’re working to build a cleaner, healthier future, and it’s in our reach. But it’s going to take all of us acting together to compel our friends and our leaders to make this happen.