Winter Supplies Van To Standing Rock Fundraiser

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 This event is endorsed by TCM NYC chapter, organized by Babes for Bernie Grassroots Alliance NY.



A coalition of organizations including Stand Your Ground, The Act Now Teen Network and Unify Your Action is sending a van full of supplies to the water protectors at Standing Rock who are fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline,
 which has been granted an easement to cross ground that is sacred to the Great Sioux Nation. 

The camps can no longer get mail and packages delivered and the northern supply route has been cut off.  We (Parker Feierbach, Kendall Waldman, and Mikki Halpin) will be driving a supply van out to the camps, approaching through the southern route, so our supplies will get through.  We'll deliver the supplies you've donated and then spend two weeks helping to build yurts and winterize them. 

We're also bringing homemade tarps made with plastic bags, which are eco-friendly and useful. 

We're asking you to help us fill the van with heaters, solar chargers, medical supplies, and other needed items for food, shelter, and survival. Winter is coming, and those in the camps need to protects themselves, not only from the police, but from the elements. 

Some of the kinds of things we will use the money for:
(you can donate towards specific things on the wishlist—and we will be adding to it and buying multiples of things—or just donate to the overall fund. Everything helps!)

Solar generators.  Linda Black Elk , who runs a medical tent, tells us "We tried to buy a couple, but ran out of funds. After the camps are gone, the generators would go for emergency use at the integrated medical clinic we are building."

Water filters.

Fire lighter sticks. Linda Black Elk tells us that some of the older people are having trouble starting fires. 

Chain saws and extra chains. 


Polar sleeping bags.

Mylar blankets.

Heat warmer packs. 


And more!!

None of the money raised will be used for our personal gas, food, or transportation. It will all go to supplies for the camps.  

If we have money left over after filling the van, we will look into whether donating it directly or setting up another delivery would be most beneficial. 

 Here's some background: 
A multi-tribal coalition is supporting the peaceful, prayerful resistance to the pipeline's planned route and asking the US and the president to uphold the 1868 treaty that  grants “undisturbed use and occupation” of the land to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

The water protectors
 have been hit with concussion grenades, sprayed with water cannons in sub-zero temperatures, and been subjected to multiple forms of violence, all while engaging in non violent protest in accordance with native values. 

Law enforcement is escalating the situation in other ways. On Friday, November 28th, the Army Corp of Engineers served the camps with an eviction order, saying they must vacate for "public safety." The water protectors plan to stay, but they are now at risk of being arrested for trespassing. 

On November 29th,  North Dakota law enforcement announced that they will be blocking the supply route to the camp that they control. 

Here's more background (follow the links).

Photo: Stephanie is from Montana's Blackfoot tribe. She achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines, serving two tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. She is currently studying political science at the University of Texas in Ft. Worth. She came to Standing Rock with her partner, her son, little brother and two dogs to be part of the protest and record interviews for the Native American Student Association.  Taken by Kendall Waldman

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