Standing with Veterans and Standing Rock

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On the same day in North Dakota up to two thousand veterans and clergy will stand along side the Standing Rock Sioux, including Tulsi Gabbard, in peaceful non violent resistance in full tactical gear ready for whatever dispersion forces are thrown at them. 

We will protest and march in NYC along side veterans in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and all those putting their bodies in harms way in ND.

2PM Sunday, we will gather on the North Side of Union Square (where the green market is on other days).

* March up Broadway to Columbus Circle where we will make it Veterans and Indigenous Circle for the day.

* We will let CNN Timewarner headquarters know what the most important story of the day is and how we feel about the media blackout of how Water Protectors are being treated by a militarized police.

If you are a veteran or clergy and can get to Standing Rock please do so (see links below), otherwise I hope you join us in NYC. We aim to make sure the media covers them and the violent tactics that have been used on this land's first people. We will raise funds and highlight upcoming fundraisers for helping those in North Dakota prepare for the winter. 

We encourage:
Signs directed at the Media to cover the tragic events.
Costumes or wear blue to represent the water we fight for that connects us all.

Co Sponsored by Bronx Climate Justice NorthVeterans For Peace - NYC Chapter 034

More details on Dec 4th Action by Veterans Stand For Standing Rock:

Support the action Veterans action in DC:

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Veterans for Peace and Standing Rock:

Click Here for FULL details, RSVP and SHARE on the facebook event page.


  • December 04, 2016 at 2pm – 8pm
  • Marching from North Side of Union Square to Columbus Circle
  • Gregory Schwedock

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