Video Maker/ Editor

Use your skills in video making to help TCM create a 2-5 minute video that can reach a much larger audience!

The Climate Mobilization is badly in need of a short introductory video that explains who we are  as an organization and what we are advocating. Ideally, this video would be both professional, appealing, and epic! If you are a skilled video/film maker willing to take this on, we would be delighted — and once this basic intro video is done, we've got plenty of other ideas.


  • Create a 2-5 minute TCM video of professional quality
  • Utilize or edit existing TCM video footage and existing script
  • Create new footage, if necessary
  • Manage all aspects of this project

Necessary Skills:

  • Video editing, basic knowledge of video production
  • Have necessary software on your computer

Time Commitment: 

5 - 15 hours/week.

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